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The Subterranean World Is Reformed!

The Subterranean World – The greatest Word-Press site in all the land!

“Spam is a piece of crap trying to mess with you”, says Emily. Riana trying to clean the black eye pencil spooked around her eyes after crying for an eternity throws a thrashing glance to Emily through the mirror and Emily knew that it was a good option to stop babbling for that moment. Riana pushed the dressing stool aside as she got up to grab some more tissues and realized that there were no more in the cardboard box. “WHY ONLY ME??”, screams Riana with all the oxygen in her lungs and threw herself beside Emily in the bed.

“Sissy, life is the name to MOVE ON!”, cheerfully exclaims Emily but Riana is too tired to make the next move when all the disappointments have to hit the shores of her heart at one time. She was feeling miserably hollow as the vicious circle on the internet had destroyed her small world of passion, the world of her thoughts, the world where she escaped the reality, the world where she met people with her choice, a world where she was a celebrity in herself, a world which was imperfectly perfect for her – THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD.

A bunch of damned spammers have had her account hacked and whenever she wished to log in, the message “INVALID USER ID OR PASSWORD” popped in breaking her heart every time she saw the same message on her laptop’s screen. The very first time she saw this message, she thought it was an alarm bell for her to change her old laptop as the keys of the keyboard are too retarded to type in her correct password. Trying about for over a  couple of  times she logged in through her i-phone and then through the desktop computer, hence the same message at three different receiving sources was a sign of a PROBLEM! Without her knowing, her world was hijacked – this certainly was a heart attack for her.

She wrote to the organizers and the team of the hosting site but all they responded was that the reported blog is deleted and if she wishes to continue her passion, she needs to start all over again. This was more disappointing as now there was no end to this lasting doom – the construction of a new world was not an easy task when all her mind recalled was her old world, the world she has built with dreams, love and all her desires.

One wonderful side of this entire trauma was that whether it was raining or thunder storming, her world was never away from her as she still received e-mails from the people who comprised her world. They were the one acting like the energy boosters who took her as high as a parachute and this love-parachute was not coming down instead going high and high up in the sky where ultimately with their encouragement and support she promised to make a great come-back.

Hello Everybody! Naima is back with a new world to rock on! Thank you so much for the over whelming support and cooperation throughout. Special thanks to Rahul (, Preety( and Donald( – the three inspirations that are responsible for bringing me back with a positive spirit, thank you so much to all the readers who kept an intact contact with me through mailbox. Love you all. Stay Blessed. Amen.

84 responses to “The Subterranean World Is Reformed!

  1. Renard Moreau ⋅

    [ Smiles ] It’s nice to have you back, my friend.

    • Thank you Renard. Sometimes, spammers give you a hard time!

      • Renard Moreau ⋅

        [ Smiles ] Do you have any idea as to why you were targeted?

      • Really not! I received tons of spams every day and all I used to do was transfer them to TRASH! I never even paid the heed to read them! Finally, I couldn’t log in my account, that was a clear signal. Then I wrote to the administration of Word-Press and they said that the desired blog is deleted and it is better to make a new blog.

      • Renard Moreau ⋅

        [ Smiles ] I too received lots of spam in the beginning.

        Since I wrote posts about it, it has lessened dramatically!

      • Wow! I expect a good change starting with the same issue! 🙂

  2. Gina's Professions for PEACE ⋅

    I am delighted to have you back Naima! Great name for this new blog too 🙂
    Much love and support,

  3. Alex Jones ⋅

    Hello Naima, welcome back to WordPress. I am sorry to hear you lost your WordPress account with all its quality content. I would be totally devastated if I lost mine.

    • Hey Alex! I was quite glad to read your posts again. I was devastated, more than I could have expressed in this first written post but thank GOD I have the back up to all of the matter as I always prefer having on the other hand for various reasons! I will be updating this blog with old matter as well so as to accumulate the magic of my written content all together in one place. Thank you for your support and condolences.

  4. Keep going strong Naima… Flow with your inspiration, no matter what circumstances you face… One love

  5. Roxy

    Yay you are back! I thought about you and wondered what had happened! Hugs xx

  6. good to see you back naima though i don’t know exactly what happened to your account. it’s the first time i had heard of it, but i’m still new on here. i’m hoping that you used a stronger password than with your previous one. that’s just one thing. as a note to yahoo mail. a lot of spam comes through there and a lot scammers come through there as well. looking forward to seeing more of your work:)

    • Yeah, spammers are everywhere! To be honest, I myself don’t know what happened with my account, it was more like a night mare but I am glad to move on from that 🙂
      Thank you for your support!

  7. Awareness

    Welcome back Naima 🙂

  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words ⋅

    it is so nice to see you back…
    thank you for choosing to come back
    your voice is imortant and needed
    Take Care…

  9. onlinefunland ⋅

    I am happy to see you back !
    I was praying and waiting with a hope of your great comeback!
    Welcome My Learned , Sweet, great ,kind and supportive FRIEND – was missing you terribly !
    A warm Welcome dear !

  10. Awwwwwwwwwwww………! Finally, she is back.\m/ 🙂
    A welcome to you buddy. 🙂 🙂

  11. Welcome back to the joyous smile that your site always brought to me each and every day!

  12. really really sad to know that you had to go through all these. i have been suffering these for years, wordpress is a far better platform to blog.

    i almost got sick of blogging when i was using blogspot. i really think its very, very vulnerable to hackers.

  13. soumyav

    Gr8 to hear about your comeback,although Ima new here ,its indeed nice to meet you on AMbigious words..

  14. preety92 ⋅

    Naima!! You’re welcome 🙂 and I am glad that you’re back! 😀
    You know what? I am already looking forward for your upcoming posts!
    Now.. Do get yourself a strong password. I don’t want you to go missing again…
    and oh yes, you’ve found your blog a unique name.. Nice! 🙂

  15. Hmmm so here you are.. I have been searching you all over.. btw welcome back.. I’m loving this theme 🙂

  16. Gosh, I had no idea this was going on….my heart goes out to you….so sorry about what happened….I am really inspired and proud of you for picking up the pieces and moving forward like you are…. you cant keep a good soul down! I wish you much success and send you lots of friendly love and hugs…..

  17. I was wondering, too, did you lose all the poems and things you wrote, or did you have them saved elsewhere? This scares me, I need to save mine as well….
    warmest wishes

    • Thank GOD, I always prefer a BACK UP! I will definitely be loading few of them again. Yeah, I shared it as for the REMINDER that save your stuff ladies and gentleman, spammers are too cruel to even think about your hard work.

  18. Hackers s**k. But in a way, they did you a favor–because, poof! Here’s a whole story to your credit. And a snappy one, too. Now who wins….

  19. QueridaJ

    Welcome back and admire how you didn’t let this break you but only make you stronger! =) Peace =)

  20. QueridaJ

    Hello, just wanted you to know that your work is much appreciated!! =) I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”, please see details here:

  21. Hi, thanks for passing by 🙂

  22. artzent

    What a terrible thing to happen! Thank goodness you backed up everything.I keep hard copies of everything I do because you never know. I look forward to your future post and thank you for visiting and liking my post!

    • Oh yeah, very terrible! It was a REMINDER for every body around here that always keep a back up of your self-written content.
      I liked your blog and THANK YOU for dropping back.
      Much love,

  23. Hi there, sounds like you have had some problems?
    Thank you so much for your likes on my blog, I will read more of yours later.

    • Oh, anytime. I followed you from my previous blog so thought of giving your site a visit today, glad to see the new work and enjoyed my visit.
      Hugs back to you,

  24. jmsabbagh

    Naima,good morning.I l really enjoyed your post.Salam. Jalal

  25. Egyptian book or the Dead-cool subterranean stuff. Thanks visit my blog.

  26. If I might make a suggestion…….. It’s very hard to maneuver around your blog. I would suggest adding either a calendor, a previous/next link, or some arrows to take us to previous and next posts. Maybe all three.

    • Oh my gosh! Firstly I am too sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you but that is how the template I use functions! It doesn’t have any arrows though I will try if I can make it easy for the users!!
      Thank you for bombarding me with so many likes!! I owe a visit to your site!!
      Much love,

  27. globaldruginfo ⋅

    Keep moving 🙂

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