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Footprints In The Mud

As we walk in the wet mud – footprints track us all the way long!

Exquisite nights across the sea shore;
The warmth of love soaring to the core.

Hand in hand as they walk;
Footprints in the mud – their sweet talk.

Redefining love in their very own way;
The wind’s in their favor to savor their stray.

The legacy of betrayal is drifted as they collide;
Ensuring their commendable chemistry makes a big stride.

Pursuing their heart with the rhythm of the flowing river;
Affection embraces them while their heartbeat shivers and quivers.

Love is their life and each other’s arms their abode;
Rocking and cradling each other – they stroll from road to road.

They are homeless – they require a shelter;
Summer is their contender as they swelter.

They are clueless walking aimlessly;
Adoring and fondling each other shamelessly.

The emancipated couple pursues the path of sincerity and loyalty;
Peace and harmony dominates their relationship – compassion treats their royalty.

About globalunison

Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

80 responses to “Footprints In The Mud

  1. I have been fascinated with footprints in the sand my entire life. I love to imagine who left them and where they were going and where they had been.

    • Yesterday, I was sitting across the sea shore and I saw a couple there walking along the shore leaving their foot prints behind; I was fascinated. There footprints were tracking them as they walk laughing and giggling as if they pay no heed to the world.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Much love,

    • WordsFallFromMyEyes ⋅

      That’s funny, barbaramattio, me too.
      And when you see them wash away… well, that just sends my head into a spin!

      It’s a good topic, footprints in the sand,
      because we all know,
      footprints don’t come from nowhere.

  2. Prashant

    footprints on sand – expectations in abundance, the art of dreaming or the peace of life !

  3. Great …Amazing …Awesome !
    Have a Happy Day 😀

  4. swashbuckler2 ⋅

    stupendous…u rock in ur own way , Naima…

    • Thank you so very much. Thank you for being such a sincere reader yet I have no idea who you are – isn’t that hilarious?? You even knew my BIRTHDAY!!! So can I please know who is it ?
      Thank you for being a loyal reader 🙂
      Loads of love,

  5. Alex Jones ⋅

    It is an inspirational poem about human nature.

  6. qiquan

    and how I wish to be there, and am the one, but here I am, reading the beautiful poem.


    • Thank you Kee. Yesterday was my birthday and it was a treat observing the love manifestation. Fortunately, my friends didn’t disturb me (as they were busy inquiring about my birthday cake) when I took the pad out and started writing – I was done in 10 minutes and after 10 minutes I could still see them! Life is lovely!!

      • qiquan

        Happy Birthday dear Naima! A little quiet corner is sometimes what we need to write, and appreciate the Love and the World. Wish you have an enjoyable and happy time with your friends, and family!

        Yes, Life is wonderful!


      • Yeah, I did but moreover I kept on thinking about them. We just need to cherish life and it requires no reason at all. Life itself is a celebration – for every second we breathe and live!
        Thank you for the wishes 🙂

      • qiquan

        Often, the appreciation of life, comes in the storm, during the storm, and after the storm, when we have a heart that can accept fear, the bad things that happened, the sadness, and then we will put down of them, and looking at the light that breaking the clouds apart. I think, everyone can be a hero in Life, if they survive with a good heart =)!

        I cannot have a conclusion about myself yet.


      • Well, according to your saying, though you may not know what your conclusion is but because you are able to survive with a good heart, you are ultimately a HERO!!

      • qiquan

        ehem, not yet, still a long way to go for me. Anyway, I should not divert the attention to your poem. I just wish to see you cherish your life at every moment like I did when I was young, and keep writing the GOOD poem ><!

      • qiquan

        No, I mean the MOST BEAUTIFUL poem!


      • Awww Kee..
        I am blessed to know you and share my world with you along with reading the way you praise Nature. Thank you fro the encouragement.
        Much love,”

  7. I liked the way of expression, “They are clueless walking aimlessly;
    Adoring and fondling each other shamelessly.”
    It serves a HOPE in their journey as well as life!\m/ 🙂
    Awesome share as usual, Naima. 🙂


  8. I love this line: ‘The warmth of love soaring to the core.’ 🙂
    Great writing Naima 🙂

  9. artzent

    You show your intelligence and your passion here.Beautiful poem!

  10. Robyn Lee

    Naima – so wonderful to read this… we are both in the mode of the sea shore ~ I love the footprints and always find them romantic and mysterious. Your poem leaves the reader thinking and wondering. Excellent work and Blessings to you:) ~RL

  11. wonderful poem with beautiful lyrics, imagination & creativity… good job!!

  12. Thanks for inviting me over.
    About those footprints. I guess you read about the footprints that I ran into. lol
    There are some footprints that definitely should be avoided. 😦

  13. J.D. Gallagher ⋅

    Beautiful poem. Great display of imagery and symbolism.

  14. Beautiful. To be young and innocent and in love. Sigh* Nice writing Naima., as always.

  15. Balu

    Your blog is a sea shore,
    The poem is you and
    These comments are the foot prints. 🙂

    Wonderful poem naima.

  16. My, My, Naima….you really captured something so fundamentally pure….I love the sensual and pure love between these two, and how they are redefining their own love by their own terms…..their story will be passed as a precious pearl to their children and their children’s children… thoughtful and romantic, love….I love this style of writing by you… never ceases to amaze me, your youth combined with your depth of wisdom….you truly are an old soul reborn, to share your wealth of love and light with the world…..happy and blessed is the man who takes your hand for life, sweetie…..
    love you so much

  17. Very nicely done Naima.!! I really enjoy reading your work. I think sometimes it is possible to see things better when you observe through the eyes of others. I love what you do.!!!!

  18. mindsurfer1 ⋅

    These remind me of the footprints that were fossilized in volcanic ash and preserved for thousands of years. They evoked emotions in me that I still cannot identify. Three sets, a man, woman, and child. A family long gone before we were even fully human. Yet they were our ancestors.

    • This is one of the very best comments ya have ever come up with Cranky so Congratulations!! 🙂
      Footprints reveal a story we never ponder at, isn’t it?
      How are you feeling now??

      PS– Is your name a secret in here, SIN?? LOL 😀

  19. nutsfortreasure ⋅

    I have nominated you and your blog for The Beautiful Blogger Award come to my blog to grad it and the rules ENJOY!!!

  20. Footprints – what stories they hold…always intriguing

  21. soumyav

    beautiful words of imagination filled with hope against the negativity of the world! awesome !

  22. very moving. certainly it’s about humanity. humility and simplicity as to how they feel about one another despite the complexities of thier predicament. great effort on this social issue:)

  23. I like this. It’s fresh. I haven’t heard it before.

  24. The purity of love always engages a path all its own, where influences are placed to the side as two become one, that no other can come between, life is your stage and you are able to set true blessings along the way, no rituals, no rules, only the one that brings two together on a path into a sweet eternity of joy! Naima, your words have a life that ever sings from your heart…your wisdom is of an old soul, and will not lead you astray because of all you have already seen! Blessings and love to you always my sister!

    • Hey Wendell,

      Thank you so much for dropping by and having the time to comment. I am grateful to you for sharing your thoughts and I appreciate that!!

      Thank you for the words of encouragement! You have ever since been encouraging my soul for its wisdom!

      With blessings,

  25. There is so much to be said about footprints. One’s first thought would be footprints in the sand, usually at the beach. Reflecting on ‘footprints in the mud’ is a very unique perspective and touches on a totally different aspect. Very well-written and moving:>)

    BTW Thank you for visiting catnipoflife and Liking one of my posts. By doing so, that led me to you. Hope you will visit again:>)

  26. There is such a wonderful feeling of peace in the poem, as if the couples have found true peace and strength in each other. They have nothing they do not need anything. Thank you for sharing peace flows out of this poem.

  27. georgeagongse ⋅

    Reblogged this on George Gong Blogs.

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