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Babies Ain’t a piece of cake (Tribute to MOTHERS)

In bed, trying to smile to the camera while my cup of coffee is all empty!!

What happens when all day you have been working like an ass and at the end of the day when you want to have a nap, the sleep doesn’t come by easily?? At times, I am dozing off unnecessarily but right now when I really need to sleep as I have to get up early in the morning cause my baby cousins will be at my place – I just can’t help myself but crave for some caffeine! My system has been programmed to malfunction at extreme times I guess, whenever I am exhausted and exceptionally fatigued I can not rest instead I am more restless and hyper-active at such moments which results in the dark-creepy-swollen eyes!

The three sisters together after breakfast!!
From Left to Right: Soha(oldest), Izma(Youngest), Nabah(Middle one)

Nabah and Izma jumping on the bed during breakfast and I am sure you can’t hear me requesting them to sit down in the photo!!

The day was busy and tiring today; my mommy and aunt were out for shopping and my aunt had an appointment with a orthopedist as well due to some recent back and leg cramps occurring occasionally since a while ago. My mom and aunt left me with the kids at 10 in the morning when they were sleeping peacefully in their bed. After an hour or so they woke up and I knew my parade had begun. I managed to fry eggs and toast few slices of bread along with boiling milk on the stove while consoling the youngest that her mother is in the washroom(Lying with kids can be dangerous and I discourage that – my experience had taught me enough today). I prepared their breakfast as fast as I could and dashed into the room to find the other two playing some Barbie games on my brand new iPad. Firstly I couldn’t digest how they turned it on when I have never used it in front of them but then I flushed that thought at the back of my head knowing that they were not some normal kids but the super-techno kids of 21st century. I was not worried about my iPad for that time but I was worried about their empty tummies. I fed them with my own hands from the oldest to youngest cause the 7 years old feels that I discriminate on the basis of love with them due to their ages (though it has never been my intention) so I couldn’t do anything but feed the three of them myself. Then I managed to get their attention off the iPad as I had to bathe them. I bathed them, had them brush their teeth and then brushed their long curly hair – goodness; it was another examination brushing their long curly hair and making a tight looking braid once they were dry!

Nabah running to me for going to the bathroom after I have resolved the fight between them for that goddamned remote!!

At 2 in the afternoon my siblings were at home from their school and serving them with the lunch along with the three little kids wasn’t an easy task. I served them with sandwiches and fried some nuggets and crockets which were enjoyed by my siblings as well as my baby cousins. Sideways, I told my siblings to take an afternoon nap so they can get up fresh in the evening and continue with their homework and etc. Fortunately, they obeyed me without any argument (which is a rare case) and I engaged myself with the babies because I had to cook some oat meal porridge for them as per their mother’s instructions. While the oatmeal was preparing, I gave them some books to read but they showed least interest and then reluctantly I had to play the DVD of “The Little Mermaid” for them so that they could sit quietly. As I went in my room to relax myself for a bit and lay down in bed for a while, I heard the youngest (Izma) crying and her voice pierced through my ears and I got up running all the way to the hall so that I could see for my eyes what had happened that have had her screaming along with sobbing loudly. When I reached the hall, I saw them pulling each other’s hair and smashing each other with whatever comes their way to hand like a weapon. I got in between and was severely thrashed with hair pulling and scratches of their trimmed nails and what not but ultimately I got them over the fight which had accidentally started over who would keep the remote in their hand and just then the porridge was ready too as I could smell the aroma so well. I learnt a lesson on my way: Never ever think of “RESTING” leaving the kids alone; they would screw you even before you start regretting.

After giving me hell of the 15 minutes of my life; she still smiled!!

Nabah desired to capture a shot cause she wanted to use my camera!!
Look at my posy baby(Soha) – giving me a hard laugh as I go through the pictures!

Anyway, the oldest (Soha) ate the porridge without any chaos. The youngest(Izma) did make some noise but when I engaged her attention with some teddy bears and dolls around me, she was convinced and ate her meal without any mess but the one in between these two sisters; the one older than Izma but younger than Soha made me experience hell within the 15 minutes while I forced spoonful of porridge in her mouth which would come streaming out and I would make her eat the same thing again (I really felt like puking but I had to do it) because if I would have thought of sparing her of that oatmeal, her mommy would have never spared me for life punishing me for keeping her baby hungry! After all when she was done with her porridge, I felt like a winner – so proud of myself and smiling to each one of them for their cooperation and teaching me the worth of the mothers across the world.

My pretty mommy with Umair (my brother)!

This one day baby sitting taught me a lot. When my mom came back, I hugged her like a 4-year-old baby would tug into her mom seeing her after a long time. The three babies were even happier to see their mom. I realized how mothers work like a robot machines, looking after kids, serving their husbands, looking after the household and what not. Their day starts with the sun (or even before that) and their day would end late after everyone is snoring and fast asleep. I am tear-eyed thinking of what my mommy has gone through for me and my family and that whatever I do, it can never repay for the sleepless nights she had stayed up when I was a baby and my days were nights and nights a lively morning, I can never pay off for the time she has spent in my upbringing teaching me the difference between good and bad, I can never compensate for her love and care she has awarded me with throughout and I wonder if I would ever be able to pay her off for being my backbone through the thick and thin which has given me the confidence to stand upright with dignity in the shoes which fit me now. This is not the story of my *MOTHER* specifically but all the mothers across the globe. They say, Heaven is under the feet of mothers and I can not agree more because Almighty created mothers as His representative on the phase of this planet. That’s why He had poured all the love and care in the mother that He would have liked to give to His creations in the embodiment of a mother. One day baby-sitting taught me much, I have been babysitting my baby cousins for a while now since they are here from Dubai but an entire day with the babies where I have no one to depend on was an outstanding lesson. While I sit in my bed sipping caffeine, I mumble “I LOVE YOU, MAMA” and you my friends out there have to give your mothers a call – a phone call probably and those who unfortunately can’t give a phone call, give her an honor for the memory call! I can not help but salute all the mothers out there who have the stamina to overlook their baby’s mistakes because it is only them who possesses heart as vast and immense as the sea – the true beauties and saviors of the world!

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62 responses to “Babies Ain’t a piece of cake (Tribute to MOTHERS)

  1. RoSy

    It’s nice to see & hear from young ones like you that they recognize & appreciate what their mothers do & have done for them & will continue to do for them. Bless you dear Naima.

    • I know what you mean! Teenagers are so busy with the conflicts with their mothers and I surely am in the same list – no less different. But my mommy knows the art to convince me and tackle me down, at times with anger (wherever needed) and at times with love, it all depends on the scenario of the situation! Every mother is well aware of their own children and she knows where they can deviate and where they will stuck up to last breath – her presence in life is indeed like a catalyst!
      Thank you for your feedback!

  2. billgncs

    imagine repeat each day for 18 years ( smile )

    that’s why it is good to have a husband before having one!

  3. What a wonderful gift that is appreciation. The kind that can open the flood gates from all the love and inspire us to be worthy of such appreciation from another. It is a beautiful cycle. You have a great and beautiful Mother.

    • Appreciation really is a beautiful thing. My mother doesn’t read my blog and she may not be aware of all this but I know she knows that I love her too much!!!
      Yeah, my mother really is beautiful and great – I think every mother is!
      Thank you for your lovely and wise comment!
      Warm regards,

  4. I enjoyed the whole sweet, lovable post. Loved all what you said ! Thanks for a cute sharing, full of of true love and relations !

  5. Hi Naima,
    I have nominated you for an Inspiring Blog Award. If you would like to accept it, please visit:
    Congratulations and happy blogging!

  6. Balu

    I’m tired just by reading it…You must be worn out totally by taking care of these tiny tots 🙂
    Moms and kids go well with each other…others in between are just screwed :D. I hope you had fun in pressure 🙂
    Btw, it’s nice to see you in wavy hair!

    • Oh my goodness, I know what ya mean by whoever comes in between mommy and kids get screwed up cause only a mommy can know the best way to tackle their babies with warmth and love!! Believe me, all what I was doing was trying to calm myself down every now and then and also trying to cope up with the chaos in my head!!
      Wavy hair.. My hair are wavy, this ain’t the first time but yeah, they look such a mess when I do not have time to comb my hair which is like most of the time.. Lol.
      Thank you for your comment. Hope everything is good at your end.
      With love and blessings,

  7. Tatsat ⋅

    What an adorable bunch of babies ! It is difficult for me to picture them being troublemaking because… well…. its been some time since I met any. But I will take your word in the meantime 😐
    On the positive side of things, we can say that such tough experiences push us for some lovely blog posts 🙂 Thank them for that 😀
    There is absolutely nothing in the whole wide world which even comes close to being “selfless” the way deeds of mothers do. Right from conception to the day she takes final rest- there isn’t any possible way to thank her enough for what she does to us. That said, there have been exceptions in the world too- but they are just that, exceptions that is.
    Your mom looks charming and so does Umair. Is he elder to you or are you twins 🙂 ?

    • Hey ya,

      I was sure even before posting how your comment would start and I was too accurate! Lol. I have got a lesson for you too, my friend! Never evaluate a kid on the basis of its cuteness or sweetness; the kid will then kill you with the sweet wound and though I am preaching ya lesson but I have never ever behaved in the very respective manner as mentioned as I always get flat over babies and kids! Damn! I do not have a way out – they are adorably cute!

      I know these hectic yet fun moments bring some lovely blog posts and my restless nights but as far as I have something to do and dosage of caffeine, I am good to go! I know what ya mean about mothers, they really are extremely selfless – no being can be compared to them! Whatever we do in this world, we can never thank them for their efforts to up-bring us in a way that we are appreciated and loved by the world. Mothers are the true beauties and super-heroes in reality!!

      Umair ain’t my twin brother – he is 2 years younger than me!! You are making me happy by telling me that I look so young – you mean 16??? Lol. People say I look older than my age and I am just blushing at the very thought how someone is still ther eto think that I really do look young. Lol. My mommy says thank you for the appreciation and kind words ya have used for her!!

      Warm regards,

  8. qiquan

    I am very proud of you!
    Lovely cousins, lovely mom, and lovely you, and lovely post =)!

    • Thank you so much Kee for showing your gratitude in the form of love, care an concern! I am glad you liked the post and enjoyed it!!
      The day was hectic but with loads of lessons and fun!
      With love and blessings,

  9. mindsurfer1 ⋅

    What cutie-pies! A touch of the devil in their eyes too if I’m not very much mistaken!

  10. soumyav

    hey Naima! guess! you realised and did our role well! from a mother’s point! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the appreciation and encouragement! I couldn’t tell how good I feel while receiving this comment from you after my mommy cause I know ya mommies are well aware of how heck of a job it is! So I must says ya “MOMS” are just super awesome!!!
      I am grateful to you for your lovely comments! You always paint a smile on my face!
      With love,

  11. LOL….You certainly had your hands full my dear! Sounds like you took great care of them too! I laughed out loud on a few parts (sorry, could not help it! lol ) I guess you did learn a lot! And a greater appreciation for your mommy and all the mommies out there…..what a wonderful tribute and heartfelt words for all the dear women who care for their children with love and sacrifice….you will make a super mom one day for you are already a super loving cousin! 😀
    Loved it! and love you……

  12. Oh, and by the way….you are so photogenic! You are so pretty, have the most beautiful eyes and gorgeous long dark hair!!!!! I envy your hair honey! You are one fantastic, big hearted, and lovely young woman….you are going to make some guy really happy and proud to have you by his side one day! 😉

  13. Hahahahahah! You made a LOL from me in the beginning of this post, Naima. I strangely laughs at your posts rather than having a 🙂 on my face. 😀 As you mentioned about these chillar parties in one of your posts before and from my point of views, they looks matured enough with the frequent mischievous activities even though a gratis “CHILDISH” tag is available for them. I liked the way they HANDLED you too, wise gal. 😀 🙂 It was all because of that, I could see a CUTE smile from Naima Arif on that 5th photograph.\m/ 😀 😛
    Now I’m gonna to be bit SERIOUS about this specific topic!
    “Heaven is under the feet of mothers and I can not agree more because Almighty created mothers as His representative on the phase of this planet.”
    This must be a thought-provoking message to the present beings over here in this revolving world, especially to the people over here in Kerala. Nowadays, the philanthropic way of looking a son/daughter’s old-aged parents in our state are supposed to keep away them through any of the old-age homes or orphanages available here. This can be considered as a sinister approach of a human-being to his makers. When we moves deeper in to the topic, the main possessor of each and every being in this world is their MOTHER itself. No one else could do her position in the better make-up and maintaining her new -born CHILD to a matured ADULT. All the things you had shared above as a mother for a while are some PERSISTENT truths, Naima. Thanks a lot for such a great piece of share, buddy. Have a great day ahead. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


  14. nice post. had a smile throughout, reading this 🙂

  15. J.D. Gallagher ⋅

    I know what you mean by kids and iPads, my little cousin is only three years old and can use his mom’s iPad.

  16. Had your hands full I see – but came out with flying colours

  17. This was such a fun post. I know when I have had these types of adventures with my own three nieces, I breathe a sigh of relief when they leave, but then miss them terribly the whole day.

    Thank you so much for once again allowing us into your world. I loved the pictures, especially of your own mom. Please extend my gratitude to her for sharing the treasure of her most rare and precious daughter with us all.

    in light and love. Beth

    • Hey Beth,

      Your comment always excited me and I am jumping and hopping around on my bed! Lol. I know this was a fun post but from deep down of my heart it was meant for all the mothers and caring women across the world who keep making the world a better place to live in! I know, I have the same problem. I miss them terribly once they are gone!!

      Thank you so much for the shower of love and blessings!! I hope everything is good at your end.

      With love,

  18. Alex Jones ⋅

    You are a hero for managing such a handful of young children.

  19. swashbuckler2 ⋅

    Superb post…. All of us have such funny moments ,but only u can narrate it so well!! thankx fr ur regards..Evrything is good at my end..Hw abt u ??

    • Awww.. You are so kind to mention that, Akhil!
      Everything is good at my end too! What about your studies and all? What about GRE? Prepared and when are ya appearing for it?
      Regards to everybody at home and best wishes for you,

  20. On that note, I’m sure you’ll make a superb mother oneday 😉

  21. Gina's Professions for PEACE ⋅

    What a wonderful post Naima! And (beautiful) you obviously come from a beautiful family. Especially your mother. She is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  22. Carla ⋅

    wonderfull Naima,thank you !…you have a beautifull mom and brother ,kiss Naima and good day sweet 🙂 !!!!

  23. taniamend

    you’re mother is so proud of you having to raised a good daughter who understands the life of being a mom, the pain, the joys and the love she shared everyday. a great post indeed!

    • Hey ya,

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. It made my day! I am sure none of us can deny the miseries our mothers go through just to raise us in the very right way!!

      Peace & Light.

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