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The Golden Dream!

Hey ya everybody!! Greetings and love to everybody who never failed me and my blog despite of my absence every now and then due to busy schedules lining up as my university will be beginning by the end of September 2012 (which is in noway so far away and I am going so nervous)! This poem is dedicated to my friend and a very beautiful blogger, Neeraj! Please do check out his blog and before you start reading the poem , I would like you to know something. This poetry is composed by me but the idea totally belongs to my friend (Neeraj – he owns the copyright) so please enjoy and have a good time reading!! 

PS– I know, I have been terribly missing out with reading as I wasn’t hunched in front of my laptop from some days (I know my mommy was really happy to make me get away with my first love – laptop) but I assure everybody of you that I am catching up with every post I left reading on every blog I am subscribed to! Love you all! Peace.

An exquisite location and a heart-breaking crowd,
Cheerleaders entertaining and cheering out loud.

Hundreds and thousands of athletes from across the world,
Prepared to compete enthusiastically as the heartily waves of anxiety swirled.

Running tracks offer a beautiful vision with athletes on their marks,
The bullet is shot and there they go running; revealing their mighty sparks.

I participated and cleared the pre-Olympic match,
Celebrating my victory, my thoughts jammed with the original catch.

There I am on my mark for the final match – a 100 meter race,
I say a silent prayer in my heart, hoping Almighty would help me ace it with grace.

I run and run – huffing and puffing,
I give a damn to others – running and panting.

I see the “FINISH LINE”,
Chills run down my spine.

My spirit reassures how the gold medal belongs to only me,
My heart is pumping for the triumph to embrace glee.

I have left many behind and my confidence shoots for the stars,
I can run faster than I previously did – my legs functioning like wheels on the cars. 

I cross the finish line with my wet eyes,
Overwhelmed with the joy of victory after numerous tries.

Daddy pats my shoulder and embraces me,
“I am proud of you, my son”, he exclaims in glee.

Squinting my eyes to the sunlight piercing through the curtains in my room,
I smile with my parched lips – delighted with the sensation to bloom.

About globalunison

Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

75 responses to “The Golden Dream!

  1. Pieces

    Hmmm… That’s wonderful put up.. I wish if I had cheerleaders too.. 😛 … Thank you so much! You’re a darling friend 🙂 ❤

  2. Inspiring! Amazing read 🙂

  3. mindsurfer1 ⋅

    Home run!

  4. Nice poem! Good luck in school Naima!

  5. boomiebol

    All the best in university 🙂

  6. absolutely love this! wonderfully exciting!

  7. qiquan

    A great attempt to catch the moment! I was an athlete when I was in my secondary school, and I was training almost more than 300 days a year, and for 5 years. on the track before the game started, there was a great focus on the finishing line, and to calm down, and it was a very difficult task. I looked at my fellow friends who supported me, just to return them a gesture, and that’s all, everything proceeded like I was suffocating, one deep breath after another, I really did not want to hear the cheers, the world is just silent. Some parts of the body felt numb, and I was in fear, I could listen to my own heart beat. there were many details, but they vaporized when they touched my body, and before the gun was shot. What happen after the finishing line? That’s another story.


    • Wow! You expressed it so well, I am sure an athelete like you can express the feelings better in poetry than a dumb-head like me! Give it a try, I am sure ya will ace it 😉
      With love,

      PS– That sign ( ❤ ) you learnt from me is a part of your signature now?? Lol.

      • qiquan

        No, Naima, it is a great thing to do in trying to capture the moment, please don’t use the word dumb for yourself, you need to respect yourself =).

        Actually there is a hidden message in my comment, that I did not tell you right away. Here I will tell you, just as an opinion to you. Whatever we do, whatever we write, we must love it from our heart. For example, we swim deep in the sea, we swim at the shallow part, we play with friends in the water, we see beautiful corals and fishes, we drank some salty water, we feel the sun, and smell the sea, then we have a deep feeling about the sea. So when we write about the sea, and it is not just the sea, it is a beautiful place with lots of memory. If you read Jonanthan Livingstone Seagull, the author is a pilot and love flying, if you read Hemingway, he was the person who have gone through so many different life experiences that condenses into some stories in his books, and R. Tagore, has seen so much in the world that he spoke with little but deep in his words.

        But don’t be afraid of trying, because you will find out the ‘beauty of your mind’ one day, if you follow your heart, like the old saying =).

        ❤ =)

      • Believe me, this was one of the best comments I have ever received! All the wisdom blended with love and motivation that couldn’t be analysed in one-go read so I read it like twice and will read it again after I am done with my comment!
        I’m dumb – everybody says it (lol) but on the very serious note I called myself dumb not because I dont respect myself cause I haven’t lived a life of an athlete and then picking up my pen (or embracing my keyboard) on such a topic which haven’t been experienced by me can portray me dumb if I go wrong somewhere but as you said we need to keep trying and attempting new things as to follow our heart and just like as I do not forget to smile (according to you) similarly I never hesitate in trying new things – they give me an exposure and I like to learn through my mistakes!!
        Love you to bits Kee. You have been an inspiration, a remarkable teacher, a wise soul and an adorable friend! I am fortunate to have you in my life as a friend and an inspirational soul 🙂


      • qiquan

        You can still capture the spirit of athlete even without being an athlete when you have the capability to ‘translate’ your similar experience to it, but focus on the part that is most familiar to you, and with intense emotion that capture your heart, as well as heart of others.

        There is one movie about running, it talks about a guy who are so keen to run a 5000 m competition not based on the strategy in running(e..g follow the lead until the last few rounds), but just want to do his best in the run of each and every single round in the track. It was an excellent movie that talk about the coaching, and the spirit of the runner.

        The most important thing to me is, how do we digest the feeling of others, and translate into ours vividly. In other words, not to speak others words, and speak our own words.

        I don’t think I can explain it too well. But I think the criticism and encouragement carry equal weight in making progress in life, and you are so young, and there is nothing to lose =). I really want to see you fly as high as possible!

        It was said the same kind of people attract to each other, and I guess we are the same kind, if you see our replies to each other.

        Love to you too my dear friend =)

      • I am honored to have you commenting and explaining me the possibilities of letting my fears fly and praying for my high flight! You are an amazing friend to say that!!
        You are right, we need to capture the feelings in our very own way and express it in our own terms regardless of the experience – life is good when we see it from our eyes for our own self!
        Thank you for the detailed comments and beautiful words. They make my day!

  8. Starting university huh?? :)) what course?

  9. Ecstasy at it’s PEAK!\m/ 😀


  10. soumyav

    lovely Naima! and so very motivating and inspiring! 🙂

  11. globaldruginfo ⋅

    Your wording makes us to think of school days athletics 🙂

  12. It is wonderful when our inspired dreams provide healing – like the pride of a parent. so cool you always delight me with your thoughts. sending you lots of positive energy for your studies. much love and we will be here for you through it all. z

    • Hey Beth,

      You never fail to enlighten my day with a smile! I am always humbled to hear from you and knowing that you are doing good. Thank you so much for the encouragement (Smiling)
      I know how parents feel when the dreams come true and thank you for the wishes for my studies. I really need them.

      Have a good warm day.

  13. Tatsat ⋅

    Lovely poem indeed ! And there are just so many interpretations… Good work !

    Good luck for the university 🙂 I am quite sure, things will not be the same when you step into that phase of life- in a good way that is.
    You know… a lot of people who have passed out from college, like me ( but not me ), will tell you that the “college days are the best days of your life” and things like that. But trust me- it is not so. What you do in college will determine anything and everything that follows. In other words, college life is not the end but a means to an exciting life. So, my advice as to what should be done in college : ” explore, experiment and strive ” 🙂

    All the very best for everything that comes along 🙂

    • Thank you very much for the encouragement as well as the advises ya compiled in the comment box! I am so honored to have you read my blog and what makes me glad is your beautiful response to my posts!! You really are good at making my day with your comments!
      I agree with “Explore, Experiment and Strive” – I am pretty sure college ain’t going to be a piece of cake and I am ready!
      Thank you for the best wishes.
      With love and blessings,

  14. Alex Jones ⋅

    Great poem Naima. I have run many 100m sprint races but prefer longer distance races now.

  15. Balu

    Nice poem. Have you had such dreams on winning in poetry? I don’t even a get bronze dream 😀

    • Hahahaha 😀
      I never had any dream of winning in any poetry session, can I? Lol. This wasn’t even my dream, it was a fellow-blogger’s dream interpreted in my words!!

      PS– I haven’t had a bronze dream too so we are on the same page!

  16. definitely a piece on confidence, reaching for the stars and obtaining any dream that you set out to achieve. whether it’s with the word or sitting at a desk on CNN as a journalist:)

  17. artzent

    The poem is stunning and please remember that we are with you rain or shine. We know the great person that you are!

  18. AshaS

    Dear globalunison,

    Loved your short and sweet poem. After all the compliments you’ve received earlier above, I fall short of words to express myself.

    I nominated you for the SUNSHINE AWARD as your posts are always brightly shining with your thoughts.:-)
    Pick it up from here,

    • Dear Asha,
      You are too kind and humble Asha and so is my audience reading my words. I am an immature little girl, just 18 yet to see the world. At such an age all of you bless me with so many wishes and love that I am over-whelmed to have you all contributing in my life!
      Thank you very much for the award! 🙂
      With love and blessings,

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