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Beyond The Vision!

When I was a little girl, the world around me was like a bubble. I now think, if I would have popped my finger out of that bubble in those days, the world would have not been observed as a merry-go-round by me. A small girl who bombarded her parents with a “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHEN” frequently and who was fearless to burst the bubble and come face to face with the ruthless reality pertaining in the society; but Alas! The vindictive time, it always has a great timing! At the age of 4, this girl asked her teacher, “Ma’am, why can’t birds speak?” That day her teacher told her that every WHY in the world can not be answered and due to the undeveloped brain cells which failed to analyze the answer in the appropriate manner, that answer of the teacher was saved as a permanent file in ROM of her brain that could never be removed. Whenever, she faced a situation or a question and as soon as her brain used to prepare her for asking WHY due to the perplexity, the same stored file used to bang her head at the right moment reminding her of the teacher’s answer. She laid in her bed every night wondering how the sky is standing without pillars when no building can. She marveled how the sun shines so brightly when the moon was merely the opposite. She was bewildered when she questioned herself why the sea is so immense that she can’t see the ending spot. The perplexed questions ended every night with an exposure to the unexpected valley of dreams. Hence, that is the time when this 4 year old girl started coming out of the sealed bubble. She now wanted to be a colorful butterfly which can fly and be responsible for her very own flight.

Some of my many journals!

This girl started developing wings and the bubble was harmed every time her wings flapped at any instant. She lived in the world of her QUESTIONNAIRE. The questions, she kept to herself which were ultimately the reason for the quest to discover and explore beyond her knowledge. She wanted someone to hold up to her and answer her; she again faced hard time analyzing which medium could be the safest. Yeah, her wit clicked, why not her very own mother; but again that permanently stored answer of the teacher amplified her mystification and that is when she discovered that there exist a PAPER and a PENCIL that can be her best friend and unlike any other beings on this planet, their mouths will be forever sealed. She was amazed to discover such an innovative idea and at the age of 8, she started maintaining her very own registers. She did not want anyone to know about her thoughts regarding anything; she wanted those journals to be as personal as her body was to her. She was unaware of the fact that an eight year old doll would not be given sufficient privacy to survive and hence would be intruded more than once if the hidden registers came across the eyes of her guardians. She tried her level best to never let anybody know that she writes to release the burden off her shoulders; she carried those registers in her bag every time with an unpleasant fear of her thoughts becoming publicized.

Around the corner, this truth was not concealed for a very long time and she found her mother reading one of her private journal once she woke up from a very sound sleep. That was the first time she ever yelled at anybody. She was crying, she was blaming herself, she was regretting for choosing paper to be her best friend as it eventually showed its disloyalty. There was nothing confidential mentioned in those journals which could not be read by her mother but the very mutual thought of how untrustworthy even a non-living thing can be occupied her and this trauma didn’t end well. Her mother held her, caressed her, kissed her and embraced her collecting her entirely in her maternal arms where she sobbed for an eternity. She kept repeating the same line of how she hated herself. Within this phase, she realized one of her very good qualities that she doesn’t require an eternity to get over a mishap. Within two days, she was the same cheerful girl who lived in her own world with the same innocent heart building more question with every passing moment but now she did not have any best friend. At school, she was a quiet and shy girl who always succeeded in academics with a remarkable margin but showed no interest in any extra co-curricular activities. The time continued to pass by and taught her various lessons of life but she missed that unfaithful friend of hers – PAPER! The only thought that used to startle her was that why could she not forgive her best friend? After a year or so, she recovered and was friends with PAPER again. This time she wanted to be more aware of her mother not reading anything; she was now growing into an adolescent and the life was chasing her like she was a bone being chased by a starving dog. She continued filling sheets and sheets with her personal experiences, her daily affairs, how the world haunted her, how she wanted to be everything but not a wife (like her mother), how she wanted to explore the space and etc. The dreamy world was yet not over until 12, subsided with mature thoughts than her age-group. Even her dreamy world craved the meaning of life and the reason behind her existence. She often used to write about it when she entered into a very charming and alluring phase of any human’s life – TEENAGE!

Now this doll was 13; no more a doll indeed. She was a grown up girl who was ready to flap her wings open and explode the bubble confining her abilities. She flew swirling around the boundaries of life and exploded it with a charisma. Her teenage was abnormal or rather should I say it was normal because it was not the same boy-friends, drinks, clubs, pubs and dance floors that united her life and thrilled her but it was her escalating confidence that made her “UNIQUE” in the gatherings. Her parents were astounded themselves, she was paranormal with her brain grasping more than required for her age. She was no more a shy doll but a confident and stunning girl who could sway around with daffodils and make the universe dance on her finger tips. She turned out to be a debater where her teachers encouraged her to debate frequently to enhance her inborn skills with the weapon of experience. The paper remained her best friend throughout; though it was disloyal at times but she realized how her best friend could be someone else’s friend too. Her acquaintances called her arrogant, rude, she was blamed for her attitude when all she did was smile – her gleaming eyes smiled to their remarks. She was blessed with an enriched soul, all her job was to nourish it with plenty of resources in order to live up to what is expected of her by the world as well as Him.  

Let you soul be free like a flying bird because ETERNITY lives in there.

This girl is ordinary just like YOU. A compassionate soul living in everybody – the only difference between YOU and her is she listened and responded to her soul since the day it called out to her; she was accomplishing what she was asked for by her Almighty. This is a time to catch the right bus at the right station and listen to your blaring soul, let the questions seep your heart, get a medium to express yourself and immortal soul BUT be aware of the hazards and obstacles on your way because no accomplishment can be achieved without the audacity to try. Live every moment in a sacred way cause neither can you trust your breath nor your life – this little doll gave us the same message of how to never trust the voices you hear from your ears but trust the sole voice that you can hear from the ears of your heart and soul – the voice of Eternity. 

About globalunison

Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

101 responses to “Beyond The Vision!

  1. Matt Knox ⋅

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  2. artzent

    What a stunning post! You constantly amaze me. Not only great advice but worded so expertly and compassionately.
    My PC has been down for a week but I will check for later post!
    Love coming at you

  3. Alastair

    You’re 17? And you wrote that? I am astounded! I will say, I saw it was a long post, and I was just going to click another link, then I saw it was you so decided to read it.

    I am really glad I did. It was extremely moving. Thank you for that Naima

  4. you are a wonder, Naima….Love, Linda

  5. NAIMA, WOW my friend this is so wonderful, you are just amazing thank you for sharing this wow I am just so enthralled with you!

  6. This is so stunning
    so heart centred ! Gorgeous !
    Much Love

  7. billgncs

    there are people who can be trusted out there. The bad part is they don’t usually wear yellow hats or a big sign.

  8. Naima! What a tribute to the innocence of childhood, and the beauty of youth. To question and explore is a gift, and to follow your heart is courageous. I’m truly glad to have met you…(and I would love for you to post an extract from one of those journals, one that is safe to share, of course?!). Either way, thanks for sharing this insight into you 🙂

    • Thank you Alarna for your beautiful comment! =)
      I surely will share something from those journals looking into the matter which can bring out something useful for my readers too!
      Keep smiling and take care,

  9. mindsurfer1 ⋅

    You are you and need be nothing further.

  10. soumyav

    Lovely Naima! Th epost is amazing and so sincerely felt and written with complete honesty.You just laid down your reflection as it is. Its beautiful to see the growing up of such a sweet human being right fom the beginning and now I can know the great knack and talent you have in writing is becoz of all this. wish you much luck ahead and hope you get the best of experiences to evolve you into a wonderfulwoman and an excellent writer.

  11. “to catch the right bus at the right station and listen to your blaring soul” is absolutely clever. i really enjoyed your piece here involoving your formulation in life. more importantly, i see a very confident lady that will certainly achieve her dream and goals:))

    • Thank you so much for reading Don though I know you aren’t a big fan of prose but your effort is acknowledged and I absolutely adore you for reading this one! Thank you very much for the encouragement!! =)

  12. Tahani Shihab ⋅

    never trust the voices you hear from your ears but trust the sole voice that you can hear from the ears of your heart and soul – the voice of Eternity, This is the real path I greet you 🌹

  13. globaldruginfo ⋅

    Good point and structured very well 🙂 . When we start asking “Why” “When” etc, It tunes our sixth sense to think and perform better. Only few use 50% of their 6th sense remaining are below par.

  14. Amazing composition of different stages in the life which was build using strong and unbroken words. Impeccable 🙂

  15. Morrighan ⋅

    Hi Namia! i have chosen you for the The Līgo Circle of’s not an award but a appreciation. the rules and such are in my blog. this is the post from the lady that chose me if you want to read it to, . you are so great at your poems and stories here! 🙂

  16. Balu

    A pencil to naima is like a magic wand to an angel. You both make wonders with it!

  17. Belsim ⋅

    Do not write everything about you in internet! Trust me! Don’t publish this! Hugs.

  18. Tatsat ⋅

    What a heartwarming journey this really is 🙂
    I do not remember anything I did when I was 8 and that is because… well… because I really did nothing 😛 You already are steps ahead of me 🙂
    I guess this happens with all of us, at some point of time or the other. I remember my mother reading my diary, thinking I would not know. But I do not know why, I did not mind. In retrospect, I can understand this- maybe because I was such a show-off 😀 or maybe because I simply did not care much about privacy.
    But writing since 8 is a commendable achievement. The habit is good, even if the worldview is not that evolved at that time. And, when you see more of life, you would understand that the difference between things good and great is the habit of doing something naturally. So, the way I see it- this is a wonderful start.
    I have been an avid movie watcher,a critic for an established newspaper here and for that reason, most of my learnings are from the movies I see. There is this movie “Dead Poets Society”- you should watch it. Once you are done watching, we can discuss it in detail. My favourite quote from the movie remains,” we must look at things differently” : and that is precisely my wish for you. Good luck and godspeed 🙂

    • Wow! You have been a critic for a newspaper – not that sounds more like fun ! I am headed to watch “Dead Poets Society” and then yes we can have a discussion but accept my apologies if I wont be able to do it as I am quite busy now a days! So yeah, I can do sit ups later on whenever you would want it!
      Thank you so much for appreciating and you know, I feel you guys are reckless that’s why privacy ain’t your concern or may be you guys are too macho from the very young age to ignore things! [lol]
      Anyway, I hope everything is good at your end =)
      Take care,

      • Tatsat ⋅

        Ohh.. I did forget about your university thing. Apologies. That thing must be going on right ? Well… You movies can definitely wait for the time being, not for me though- I had an exam today and have one on tuesday again- watched a movie today 😛 Its a disease 😐

        I can understand that privacy is not much of an issue with guys. But as I have come to think of it, I do not understand the logic behind a lot of unwarranted blocking that we do. Like the other day, I was talking to my lady friend about making albums on facebook public and she was bent on proving me wrong. My argument is, if at all I choose to hide things- it should entirely be my choice and not because of the existence of people who scan and ogle my pictures. I should not change the way I am because someone is looking. Of course, this logic does not go with everything in the world… but it is related, so mentioned around here 🙂

        Do let us know how the thing with university went… 🙂
        Good luck and godspeed !

  19. I truly enjoy your blog and have nominated it for an award! Please see the details at Take care Tiny

  20. swashbuckler2 ⋅

    This Article is really beyond the vision!!!!Excellent one..The few words abt soul were superb ..Ur imagination is beyond limits..Few ppl r blessed with this capability..Keep going NAIMA….Hope ur wings will still grow bigger and bigger..and plz forgive me as I didnt read ur past few articles..I was a bit busy with placements frm the past one month…By the way a good news..I will tell u later…hope ur fine and my loving regards to mom and dad..god bless u “DOLL”…..

    • Hey, write to me on my new email.
      Write on this email and let me know of the good news and your updates!
      Thank you for your encouragement and words of praise. I am on cloud nine on receiving comments from you! No need to be sorry, I can expect how busy a mechanical engineer can get but you keep rocking and studying and make your mum and dad proud and of course me too!!
      Keep Smiling, Take care, regards to your mum and dad and deedhi of course!
      See ya soon,

  21. Commendable job, Naima! You possess such a great talent really, and writing since you were JUST 8, is just so amazing!

    It felt like a touching journey, and even I found my experiences of life here. You have written this with such honesty, the words flow to your head and heart at the same time. Lovely.
    Good luck. Have a great day. 🙂

  22. qiquan

    It is so interesting to read stories about the little simple dream we had on each of our childhood’s day, and it is even more interesting to know how one can keep a dream and good heart when face with many future adversities. You have set up a good dream, and with a good heart my dear friend, all I can say like a saying in one of the science fiction movie, ‘never give up, never surrender!’.

    I used to write and keep journals of news and articles that I cut and pasted from newspaper and magazines. They are still with me even they are more than 20years old now. I do not remember if I have asked many questions to the world when I was a child, the only vivid thing I remember is that everything in the world is so beautiful to me, especially when I look at the galaxy across the sky, and when I say wow that I forgot to ask why :).

    Wish you have the wing to soar ever higher, see further, and enjoy every moment of life, bless you :)!


  23. Very fine post, Naima. 🙂

  24. Insight

    Really glad to know much about our *thesubterraneanworld* gal! 😀 🙂


  25. Alex Jones ⋅

    Wise and creative words of a growing human being.

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