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Happy Mothers Day (UK Version)

My super-mum when she was super-young!

My super-mum when she was super-young!

I have grown up celebrating “Mothers Day” on the second Sunday of May since ever but this time there is a twist in the story. I realized that England celebrates its mother’s day on the second Sunday of March and so I decided there is no harm in celebrating mother’s day twice a year instead it is a TREAT (for my mother specifically). But there is a villain to this story too and that is “Time”. My mother isn’t with me today (in England) and so she wont be on the Mother’s day in May though I know that regardless she wont be physically with me, her love and prayers are always with me.

The hustle and bustle in the stores, grocery markets (Especially Card Factory) on this very weekend is worth mentioning. People choosing cards for their mommy, granny etc and I felt miserable and happy at the same time. Happy for many would have their mothers right with them to cherish this special  day and miserable cause I was jealous or rather envious – I was envious of their happiness.

Mothers are the embodiment of God on this planet(at least that’s what I’ve believed for ever). There are no adjectives that can describe how great a mother is but we can always try – try to tribute her and make her feel special; not on just one special day but every day in our very own way. She should know that she is always cherished, her presence is a significant trademark in our lives, love for her is eternal and even if it is that we have to present our lives at stake to honor her, we will!

This woman who we call our “Mother” starts to feel us way too before we become tangible for her. She knows us well enough even before giving birth to us. Those nine months are her celebration, she counts down to the big day when she could finally touch her baby. The baby she had been awaiting since long when every day was a pain blended with happiness. She protects her baby for life exactly like her womb has protected the baby for nine months. Our mums are all the very same in a very different way. Some are strict, some are lenient, some are emotional, some are harsh and the list goes on but what unites them is they all love us – just enough that even if the whole world hates us, her love would be sufficient for the warmth and care needed.

These two ladies are the most beautiful beings on earth!My mommy and sissy <3

These two ladies are the most beautiful beings on earth!
My mommy and sissy ❤

My mom is a super-mom! Incredibly loving, caring, cheerful, emotional, compassionate, fierce, patient, kind, generous, warm-hearted, strong, beautiful, wise, my mentor, my bestie and the list goes on and on until I conclude it – she is a role model for me and I would always want to be a mother like her. I am very fortunate to have her in my life. The distance over the time has taught me many lessons. I wake up to my ringing alarm clock in the morning and miss looking at her angelic face for the very first thing in morning. I eat yogurt every morning and would buy her favorite cereal “Weetabix” cause I miss arguing over the breakfast with her that I don’t like eating yogurt or Weetabix for breakfast no matter how nutritious it is. I miss our “girlie” conversations and gossips. I miss when nobody is there to see me off when I leave for school. I miss her teasing me over my so-called big nose. I miss her calling me those nick names when I’d get real annoyed to attack her and she’d tickle me despite of the fact she knows that I am not ticklish. I miss cooking and baking with her when I’d be giving her tips on fashion and fitness and she’d be telling me to focus on cooking before she could smell something burning. I miss those long nights when she would toss and turn in bed cause something is bothering her and all she would need is a good massage, a considerate ear and a hot cup of milk and when I’d do it for her, she’d kiss my forehead and would tell me that I am her princess. I miss when she’d pinch me when I am on the verge to spit out her secret(unintentionally) in front of my dad. I miss her confused expressions while I’d teach her to use laptops, smart phones or even an I pod. I miss “HER”. I have realized her importance in my life even more in these few months while I have been away from her. She is my lovely mommy and I miss her every day and every night and I know she misses me way more than I can ever miss her but we love each other the most.

Find some time to spend  with her and let her know that you love her cause the arms of the clock would never turn back and the last thing you’d ever want to do on this planet would be “Regret”. Love her, respect her, honor her and make her feel special before it’s too late. Tell her she is your super-mom and your life may be super-busy and super-occupied but you always have some super-time every day for your super-mom! Cheers!

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31 responses to “Happy Mothers Day (UK Version)

  1. Balu

    Impressive post on MOM. Hey..your mom is more beautiful than you 🙂

    Mother is the only reason why our earth still spins.

    • Hahaha.. I so know she is more beautiful than me (inside out) – I wont deny it!
      And I agree with what ya said about mothers! Happy mothers day to your mommy too 🙂

  2. Like mother, like daughter both your spirits shine so beautifully! God bless!

  3. swashbuckler2 ⋅

    great mom and an equally great daughter!!!!wonderful!!!!

  4. swashbuckler2 ⋅

    Naima, check ur mail once..

  5. Alex Jones ⋅

    Great post in honour of your mother, she will be proud.

  6. Neeraj

    Sweet!! You resemble you mum very much 🙂

  7. Neeraj

    Sweet!! You resemble your mum very much 🙂

  8. Wonderful post, Naima 🙂

  9. Beautiful sentiments Naima. You’re mom must be proud.

    • Thank you Kim 🙂
      I hope she is and I continue to respect and honor her for what she had made out of me! She is not used to receiving mother’s day greeting in the mid of march lol
      Thank you anyway!

  10. soumyav

    lovely post Naima! your was a beauty in her times and now she looks so elegant! You so vividly and clearly expressed your feelings an dlove for her .great one Naima

    • Thank you so very much 🙂 It always means a lot coming from you! As a mother, you may be able to understand my emotions when I am million miles away from her and can’t even cherish her touch so this was a short message to make the most of the time with your mothers when you are with them cause you never know where life takes you! 🙂
      Thank you very much for such a warm and welcoming comment 🙂

  11. QueridaJ

    That was such a heart-warming post, I don’t think I could ever be as selfless, loving or dedicated as my Amma…she’s really something wonderful…I’m sure your mom not only misses you but knows what a wonderful daughter she has =)

    • I know where you’re coming from, mothers are so selfless that i wonder if they had ever thought about themselves!
      I hope so, I read this post to her and we both ended up crying! Thank you very much for your warm comment, lovely =)

  12. Insight

    Ambo! Had an awesome read through this heartfelt post, Naima. You are such a lucky soul to have a SUPERB-COOL mom like her. 🙂 This one has helped me to think about the childhood days which I had with my mom from my old memories. Thank you so much for this awesome share, dear one. God bless. Cheers.\m/ 🙂


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