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A Call For Action


This can not be my abode,
Life does not have a hibernate mode,
Suddenly killing people can not be right,
Can black ever be transformed to white?

The color of innocent blood stains my soul,
Every inculpable death calls out for a just role,
Is it that the peace is unwanted?
Is it that we pretend to be united?

We tweet and post statuses; we shout and protest in rage,
We sympathise and compromise; we pretend we understand this Age,
Praying to Almighty to show a miracle at this stage,
Hoping for the goodness to free itself from this evil cage.

When nothing seems to be working, we pray day and night,
Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Christians – they pray to Allah, Krishna, Moses and Jesus,
The concept of God is different but the call is one,
These religions are distinct yet peace is what they yearn.

Don’t let a man’s religion define him for you,
This world needs us and we need to be true,
No religion preaches terrorism, murder and criminality,
Let’s stop this innocent blood shed – the result of forceful brutality.

For making this world a better place, we don’t need to go to Gaza or Syria,
We don’t need prompt updates on this manipulative social media,
Disconnect yourself and stop talking – it’s time for actions to speak louder than words,
Little deeds of goodness can broaden our horizon – challenging the spirit of a free bird.

Brace yourself for it’s you who can begin this journey of good,
Embrace yourself for it’s you who can bring the change you should,
Stop fooling yourself and stop praying for miracles,
Your actions are your warriors, miracles would happen merely when your warriors would.

About globalunison

Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

14 responses to “A Call For Action

  1. Insight

    *double quoted*

    You’re back! *bows*

    Naimaaaaaaaaa….! You’re still the same gal, Idiooooot. 😀 *claps*

    Do you think that a notable change would happen for a good cause here? Of course! What you said at the end gives some hope. But the reality? We’re all dwelling in such a world.

    – Rahul

    • I completely agree but after all this world dwells on hope – we can hope to bring a positive change with our actions. Its time we realise words can not do things that our actions are responsible for. This piece is wake up call for each one of us.
      Thank you for reading, though. I am over-whelmed that even after so long, I have people I can look upto who will take the time to read and critique on my work.
      Take Care. Happy Friendship Day!
      Best Wishes,

      • Insight

        Yes, of course! But how can this be shared, Naima? How many among us would think in such a way? Even if we will, how many would among us put it in to practice? It’s the “politrics” and religions are ruling this world right now. They’re the currently existing most sturdy weapons in the world, I reckon. The people belonging to these two clique know how to fool everyone through the melodramatic plays they’re screening. It’s so obvious that they’re not that bad at it as well.

        Yes! Of course, Idiot. I always love reading your thoughts. Keep blogging whenever you’ve time, Naima. It’s a kind request from a South Indian guy. 😀 🙂

        – Rahul

  2. Al

    Yay. Missed you Naima.

    A very true poem.

  3. Strong writing. For all the good souls that see the wrong our voices don’t seem loud enough to wake the ignorance of hate and evil. Prayers is what we have, retaliation is no way to win but to lose further. So we give it to the hands of the one God who knows our hearts. Inspiring words.

  4. good and strong naima. religions are labels. people identify with them. the traumatic results of the innocent can cause deep scars for a lifetime. it’s seeing the shoes of children sitting outside a building that has been bombed. that purely saddens me. it’s so traumatic and horrifying for these children. spirituality for me is the key word as it is pure. a relationship with all of god’s spiritual guides. take the middle man out of religions and the world might become a better place for all.

    • Unfortunately, whatever you said is true. This world didn’t create Religions to divide the Earth into million more pieces instead religions are there to have us have faith in any face of God whether it be Allah, Krishna or Jesus. It is our faith that counts because after all, they all hear us and see us! They know what good is and how these innocent kids are dying when all there is to blame is their existence on this planet. We can ourselves Humans but we should think if we deserve to be calling ourselves a part of civilized society or not.
      Thank you for your input. My heart goes out to the young souls fighting the hatred and evil forces but at the end of the day, I have to start making this world a better place on my own. May be making somebody smile on their sad day can be a head start 🙂
      Warm Regards,

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