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Double Standard


It’s not hurt that conquers my heart but it’s you. I am what my past has made me and it’s all about you – it’s all about us. The pain that comes with being a part of you is somewhat enchanting. I find my comfort in your arms. I seek my love in your eyes. I recognise myself in the purpose of your existence. It’s unbelievable that you will play a double standard game but then after all you are one of your kind – unpredictability is in your blood.

I can breath you in all day long. I can feed on the curves around your lips forever. I can watch myself in the depth of your eyes for every second left of my life. I can forgive you but not forget you. I can love you but not leave you. I can please you even at the expense of who I am but you won’t see, you won’t listen and you won’t even understand. All that I was and all that I have become is to you just another pawn in your double standard game.

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Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

17 responses to “Double Standard

  1. Wow, Naima. Um, that’s quite an image, both the one you selected, and the one you paint with your words.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Lace 🙂 I hope you are doing fine and yeah, waiting for the third part of partners in crime 🙂


      • Ouch! 🙂 Yes, I know. It’s sitting in draft form, but no more than a single paragraph so far, as I’ve just been so busy! Thank you for the little push, though, as I know I need to finish up Eileen’s story. ❤

  2. Interesting images and powerful words.

  3. Liked the depth of emotions just like someone would feel in one sided affair.

  4. Wow, your photo caught my attention, Naima, and your words are very passionate, emotional and dramatic. I’m sure we’ve all thought or said similar words at some time in our lives. After all this is said, I wish you a wonderful weekend! 🙂 xx

  5. Great piece!! I certainly identify with it. Guys get used as pawns too. Its hard to believe I suppose. Nevertheless naima both genders can be equal in that element. Meaning being susceptible to it.

  6. Very intense.. and I could relate a lot. Good read. 🙂

  7. Wow! Gut wrenching visual, both picture and words. I felt the pain and heartache.
    Have a great day, Naima. 🙂

  8. Insight

    Very powerful words, indeed!

    – Rahul

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