Filling In The Spaces -IV-


You are my fairy tale and I can’t live you enough — my ‘happily ever after’.

N: I am scared of having the security of your arms and then losing it all over again. May be for a short while or may be ‘Forever’.
A: What’s with you and ‘Forever’?
N: Do you believe in Fairy-tales?
A: In books, yes.
N: What about reality?
A: It’s not impossible but it’s nearly impossible.
N: Well that’s my relationship with ‘Forever’. It’s an impossible that can be made possible. Only with you.
A: Don’t forget that I may have taken over your world but you were unable to conquer mine.

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Day 11: List 15 of your favorite things

Firstly, I apologize that I couldn’t post for the past few days which means that the sole reason for me to take up this ‘Blog Challenge’ (to blog regularly for a change) couldn’t be accomplished. However, I will give myself another chance and try to go on without breaks once again. Secondly, I greatly appreciate all the readers and people who follow my blog. Your feedback is always warmly welcome and cheers me up so much. Thank you lovely people. Thank you for being so amazing and encouraging.

Now, let’s get on with the list:

Candles <3

Candles ❤

Music: Music is like a therapy without any cost.

YouTube: I don’t think there could be any better time-pass than YouTube!

Plants vs. Zombies: I mean if somebody knows even a bit about me, they will know ‘I am in love with PvZ!’(I am so excited to beat out ‘Frostbite Caves’).

Water: No beverage beats out water! I ‘heart’ water.

Chocolate: I find it very hard to resist chocolate (chocolate makes me weak and fat).

Wrist Watches: I use wrist watches as jewelry. I am not very girly, even a pair of earrings feels like a burden to me which my mother doesn’t really like and appreciate about me. However, a beautiful ‘old-fashioned’ type of a wrist watch is all about my taste ( the round-small-dial and silver chain kind but not the latest ‘fashion’ with big dials that feeds up on your entire wrist). I like to be ‘old-fashioned’ (or may be feel old-fashioned). It’s all about elegance after all (for me).

My Mom’s Cooking: Everything my mother cooks seem to taste so delicious and mouth-watering! I wish I could cook like her one day.

Tube Roses: I can never get over these heavenly white blossoms. I am not a very ‘flowery’ person but these flowers smell-out-of-the-world!

WordPress: It’s my favorite platform to read, write and socially interact with people.

Ketchup: I can eat ketchup practically with everything (just cant eat on its own) so to not include it in this list would be unfair.

Dresses: I love dresses, not really a big fan of jeans.

Poetry: I love reading and writing poetry. It makes me feel more deeply about things and helps me relax.

Candles: Especially the scented ones. Lighting candles (sometimes even the tea-light candles) instead of turning on the light first thing in the morning soothes me so much. After that, I can enjoy a mug of coffee or just sit there by the candle scrolling through my phone on WordPress Feed, Facebook and BBC. Sometimes, I just like to watch the candle burn out.

People-Who-Make-My-World-a-Happy-Reality: I don’t have loads of friends or a big buzzing social circle. I have my family (comprising of six-individuals and not all are blood-related). I have few friends — some who really care. I can’t be grateful enough for these people to complete my world. They are my all-time-favorites!

Myself: It should be on the top of the list but anyway, I really love myself. I am my ‘favorite’.

Ta-da!! I am done. I hope I can go on with the challenge smoothly once again after this short-break.

Until next time, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

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Day 10: What’s your best physical feature?

Well, I really can’t point out at one ‘best’ physical feature because the combination of every feature makes me what I look like and I think I look quite good (I like to believe that at least).

If the question would have been what physical feature I get most complimented for then I’d say my smile and eyes. I wear gray contacts and usually people are mistaken to believe that it’s the original color of my eyes until I clear that out to them (if I get asked). Other than that, since I have been a child, my parents and I get complimented a lot for my smile. The teachers in my school would tell my parents that they’d look forward to greet me and see me smile although I don’t get what it is about my smile because smile is supposed to be the same for everybody. So yeah, that’s what ‘people’ think while I can’t choose for myself my best physical feature.

Until again, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

Filling In The Spaces -III-

N: It’s getting intense. I don’t know what to do. I am scared and anxious.
A: You are too selfish. Why is it always about ‘I’ when it comes to you?
N: I am confused that why didn’t I start thinking about the ‘I’ aspect from before cause now that you have crushed me beneath your foot, I can’t think for myself anymore.
A: If you want to think for yourself, then you will have to leave.
N: Leave everything just like that? After all we have gone through?
A: Yes. After all, being selfish will come with a price that you should be willing to pay.
N: I am not ready to pay ‘you’ as a price.
A: The choice is yours: suffocate or set yourself free.
N: You are like a burning cigarette – you choose to take me down with you.
A: Of course…

Day 9: What are your worst habits?

Over-thinking kills me! I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t stop it. Sometimes (may be mostly), it is the reason for my insomniac nights. It only brings depression and stress in my life and I hate to be the victim of this killer-habit (don’t even get me started with the hair-fall)!

Being selfless leaves me abandoned and broken. Once I know someone, I will only care to give and wouldn’t care to ask. This leads the other person to think that I am merely an aid for them and not a friend. May be, I haven’t been fortunate enough with my social-circle or may be there is something wrong with me.

I hate the fact that I am being called a ‘stone-hearted-person’ when I am not. I am a heart-breaker may be (for people out there). But my intention is just to not lead anybody on and make everything clear in the first place which makes the other person think that I am denying them and making them feel like a ‘Loser’. Being too straight-forward sucks at times and I do that all-the-time!

I don’t like to be expressive to my loved-ones if something about them is causing me pain or has been bothering me. I have this fear of hurting them back. This habit is quite irritating as sometimes it feels like I’ve had enough yet I go on to put up a charade and endure more than required/needed.

I leave everything for the eleventh hour. I think this will top the list!!

I am sure I have loads more but I can’t remember any for now so let’s call this ‘The End’ for this post, shall we?

Until we meet again, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears

Day 8: What’s in your handbag?

Firstly, it requires me to be too lady-like to have a handbag. Secondly, I can’t stand handbags so my question would be what is that I have got in my bag-pack..

So let’s start with lots of highlighters, pens, pencils and etc. Basically, stationary! (I am a student, what do you expect?)

A water bottle (It’s always there in my bag).

Notes (hand-outs) for the few lectures I’ve had before Christmas.

A Body Shop berry lip-balm! (I love it, I’d recommend it to anybody in an instant!)

A tissue pack.

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult  (I have been reading this book at the moment so it’s always there in my bag waiting on the free-time).

My shades if I ever get that lucky with sun in England.


My wallet — how can I forget that?

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Until my next post, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

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Day 7: Your Pet Hates

I have few pet hates (as far as I can remember for now):

People burping without excusing themselves (like keeping hand on their mouth or something).

People out on the streets spitting like its no big deal.

People smoking in public places (even though it’s against the law).

People brushing with you intentionally /unintentionally in the crowded places (I mean please learn to watch out and walk).

People who put me on hold on the telephone and then forget that I am on the line.

People displaying much-much-more than so-called ‘Public-Display-Affection’.

Worst of all, I can’t tolerate people with bad oral hygiene! I mean I wanna run off and never speak to people with bad breath ever again!! So for now, that’s it for this post.

Until next time, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

Day 6: Your Five Senses Right Now

This is a tricky one cause it can be interpreted in different ways. However, I am going to do this challenge some-what like this..

See: I am watching ‘Three’s Company’ now a days and I really can’t get over this show! It’s what I want to ‘see’ all-the-time!

Hear: I never get tired of hearing the birds chirping in the morning. I don’t get that a lot in England but it’s something I enjoy. It feels like the Nature is praising the Lord and His glory.

Taste: I am very much about cocoa-orange (actually cocoa alone works too). I like this blend a lot! It actually works about with my ‘smell’ sense too but yeah, for tasting it’s one of my all-timers!

Smell: It’s winters and what could beat the ‘smell’ of a freshly brewed coffee!

Touch: When it comes to touching, one thing you should know about me is that I am not a touchy-feely person so for that reason the thing I interact most with is my touch-screen iPhone! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s my iPhone!

Until next time, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

Day 5: 10 Songs You Love Right Now!

Home — Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Blank Space — Taylor Swift
Heart Wants What It Wants — Selena Gomez
You and Me/Linger — Cranberries
Thousands Years/Human — Christina Perri
If You’re Not The One — Daniel Bedingfield
Shiny Happy People — R.E.M
Love The Way You Lie (Part II) — Rihanna (Feat Eminem)
Heart Will Go On — Celine Dion
When You Say Nothing At All — Ronan Keating

Until next time, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

Day 4: What Are You Afraid Of?

Now, this is the only good picture I could get after no sleep for over 24 hours.  I love the sight of clouds --  you could treat on them as well, you know? Enjoy <3

Now, this is the only good picture I could get after no-sleep-for-over-24-hours.
I love the sight of clouds — you can treat on them as well, you know? Enjoy ❤

I am afraid of losing myself in the chaos of this world. I am afraid of losing the vision that I can make a difference one day. I’d like to take one step at a time but reach my destination.

I am scared of wasting this precious life and not being able to recognize the purpose of my existence as a human (like why I was created a ‘human’ – to serve a greater purpose? what purpose?). Sometimes, I think I can try hypnotherapy but I rather keep it as my last resort and wander in search of my purpose at the moment. After all, I should give myself a chance first.

I am afraid of the ‘insecurity of future’. I have everything today and I might have nothing tomorrow. I have my loved ones today and they might not be with me the next day and I wouldn’t even be able to say Good-bye. I know how you all would be like ‘live in the moment’ but I can’t help thinking about tomorrow.

I am afraid of ‘Age’ but not ‘Death’. Probably, the cycle of life. For instance, when I see and touch my mum’s hands, I notice the wrinkles and rough texture of the skin of her hands, a result of years of hard work. I see the ‘old-age’ approaching. My mother is a woman who is sixteen at heart but watching her grow old sends shivers down my spine (Just to clear it, I am not afraid of aging myself).

I am afraid of not being able to fulfill my parents expectations. My parents have always given me the freedom to follow my dreams and do what I believe is right unlike the majority of Eastern parents. I can’t be who I am today without their support. Hence, one of my biggest fear is if I’d fail them one day. Worse off, what if I fail myself?

I am scared of the ocean — even more after the airplanes disappearing. I have read that around 70% of the ocean remains undiscovered, I can only imagine the miracles of this mysterious Nature underwater.

I am scared of animals. I really want to over-come this fear as it was developed because of a tragedy in my childhood. I was around 3 and these kittens were playing with me when I was walking to my aunt’s place which was a block away. Suddenly, I lost my balance when I tried to not step on the kitten and tripped over and fell in the drain. It became quite serious and since then I can’t get over this animal-fear. Also, when I was a kid, I used to dream snakes a lot. It’s just a few years ago when it stopped so I got quite paranoid with the crawling and wriggling creatures. Even the thought of snakes make my body tense.

I think that’s it for this post. I am sure there might be bulks more but I won’t bother stressing after such a long flight!

Until next time, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

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