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2015 Is Here (Are You Ready?)

It is very difficult for me to believe that 2014 is ‘past’ already. 2015 is here — I need somebody to pinch me. Time has been on a race track for these few years. I can’t believe that England has been my home for around 2 and a half years. I am just a year and a half away from my final destination — ‘I have grown up’. I am still the same girl who likes to pillow fight with my siblings, jump around the house on sofas and beds, live in the thoughts where I can conquer fairy tales and ride on unicorns, sing no matter how I sound and dance to any beat in front of the mirror. I mean, I am twenty but I still feel sixteen. So where have those four years gone? I have matured a lot lately and people around me keep pointing that out but at the end of the day, that kid in me is so much alive. It’s very difficult to even think that ‘I am all grown up’. May be I don’t want to grow up this fast. Anyhow, this is life and growing up is a part of it. Did I say it yet? Well, before I go ranting about my year — Happy New Year!! You readers are my ‘WordPress Family’ and have supported me throughout. I have been seventeen since I have been writing this blog and I have made valuable connections in the span of these three years. I have been going and coming back and have taken long breaks but you all have always been here for me. It’s such a great feeling to share this special bond I share with so many people across the world. You all play a great part in my life and I can’t be grateful enough for your time. All the blogs I read have helped me nurture and learn a lot about life and people. All the beautiful blogs I came across in 2014 and before, thank you for inspiring me and sharing your work. I look forward to see you all in 2015. May you all have a beautiful and blessed year ahead (Amen).

Now about my 2014…

2014 is a very special year for me. It’s the mixture of happiness, sadness, excitement, misery, love, pain, patience and much more. I realized it’s not always about living; sometimes it’s all about surviving. I am very proud to have survived this 2014 which is the most memorable year in my memory book.

It was my first New Years in England without my family. The 2014 New Years was spectacular. Love was in the air and beauty everywhere. I wanted to play with snow but there was none. It still was a great start to an amazing year.

I didn’t make any new friends and I have no regrets about that. I enjoy sparing myself the little time I have from the studies.

I visited my parents in April for around 10 to 15 days and spent my Summer in England. It was one of the most challenging Summer of my life with no fans when there was a very strong need. I bought a tower fan and an air cooler from Argos yet nights were uncomfortable. Regardless, I enjoyed sun to myself knowing I’d miss the sunny days in Winters.

I completed my first year in Law School and scored quite well (although the first year doesn’t contribute towards the degree). I hated Contract Law and always will.

My cooking improved quite a lot. I think it’s a good thing. My favorite dish for the year was ‘Brown Stew Chicken’ (Trinidadian Style).

I moved to a new accommodation in the beginning of July 2014. The place was a studio unlike my last spacious one room apartment. However, I like one fact about the studio that I don’t have to get out of the room to use the toilet (That was irritating).

I finally learnt to play Chess. I am not that good at it (Practice makes perfect) but at least I know I can play it!

This was the first time I watched FIFA tournament! I rooted for underdogs like Costa Rica and Columbia. These two teams made my FIFA experience exhilarating.

2014 was still a lot about ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ and my Zen Garden but I got obsessed with a lot of other games like ‘Ruzzle’ and ‘Golf Star’.

When I left my old accommodation, I had to leave Jade! I miss Jade a lot but every now and then I pay him a visit!

I planned a trip to Euro Disneyland in France, only to realize a day before that I would require a ‘Schengen’ Visa to go to France. I didn’t get any refund and I was very depressed. Well, better luck next time!

My 20th birthday — finally out of teenage years. First ever birthday in England and was worth it.

I saw my first ever rainbow on August 17, 2014. It was so beautiful and it didn’t disappear for until five minutes. It was a delicious treat!

I was addicted to Netflix in 2014. Orange is the new black, Psych, Sherlock, 24, Frasier, Three’s Company and so many more shows. I just couldn’t keep myself away from all this good distraction.

I lost a very special and old friend (my best friend) towards the end of the year (don’t know exactly how). I tried to settle things but the friend had already moved past me.

I came back home for Christmas unlike 2013 Christmas and I will soon be leaving for England again.

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The world experienced a lot of chaos in 2014. Increasing number of ‘Rapes’ and ‘Sexual offenses’ not only in India but across the world; the recent terrorist attack on an Army Public School in Pakistan resulting in the martyrdom of over 100 innocent children; the Gaza incident where hundreds of innocent lives suffered brutality and violence; disappearing and crashing of airplanes; the Ukraine-Russia situation; the formation and barbarity of IS; the outbreak of Ebola in Africa — we can only hope and pray for this world to be a better place in 2015.

Lessons learnt in 2014:

Sometimes, ‘giving up’ is the ultimate solution.

‘Forgetting’ is as important as ‘Forgiving’. One is incomplete without the other.

Merely breathing is not living. Living only happens when you are happy. Other times, you survive.

Heart is your worst enemy. Keep it sane by using your brain.

Love is not about one’s own happiness. It’s about seeing the person you love happy. Thus, love is somewhat-all-about pain.

Anger is healthy to an extent for everything that’s buried deep within can be released. However, draw a line and damages (physical or material) always represent stupidity.

Falling down is what life is all about. Your job is to dust yourself off and get up to prepare yourself for another adventure.

It’s not always about winning or losing. It’s all about how you played the game.

Failure is a stepping stone to your next victory.

Life and Love are two different things. Don’t confuse one with another.

Highlights of 2014:

Word of the year: Love
Strength of the year: Ability to ‘Cry’ and let out the ‘Grief’
Words of Wisdom’ of the year: ‘Divorce and break-ups are an easy way out of the situation; trying to mend what has been broken requires courage and audacity which most of us lack. Anybody can give up but victory belongs to few – those who can conquer the differences with the shield of love and trust in themselves’ – Naima.
Color of the year: Blue
Person of the year: Dumbo
Book of the year: Tell me your dreams – Sidney Sheldon
Song of the year: Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez
Show of the year: Frasier/Psych (Can’t decide — it’s a tough one)
Best day of the year: September 10 &17, 2014
Worst day of the year: December 11, 2014
Lesson of the year: ‘Forgetting’ is as important as ‘Forgiving’. One is incomplete without the other.
Blessing of the year: Courage
Support of the year: Family
2014 in one word: Ongoing

Let’s have a look at 2014 New-Year’s-Post and if I got through with my goals for 2014:

Reduce the consumption of coke.
[I don’t even remember when was the last time I had coke — hence, Accomplished!]

Give a break to PvZ2!
[I tried but I don’t think I got over Plants Vs. Zombies the way I wanted — Not Accomplished!]

Take time out to travel.
[I will consider it done cause I planned a trip yet something happened and it had to be cancelled; not being able to go to France was very disappointing and depressing but I tried — hence, Accomplished!]

Whenever going back home, say ‘NO’ to Emirates and try different airlines.
[With airplanes crashing and disappearing, my parents became too paranoid to even consider my idea — Not Accomplished!]

Spare my hair some space and grow my bangs.

Brush my teeth in night (No excuses – I don’t want all my teeth to fall out at 40).
[I am so proud of myself for this — Accomplished]

Avoid ignoring messages from people and try attending calls (have to stop running away).
[Still trying and I have progressed a lot but not fully satisfied. I think I still end up hurting people by ignoring their messages so I am going to make this again a resolution for 2015 to get even better at it — hence, Not Accomplished!]

Learn to play chess.

Forgive & Forget (Forgive part is easy, try to apply the forget part in real life as well).
[Still trying to improve, I mean, not improve my memory. Forgetting is still giving me trouble but I have done a great deal about it and going to keep getting better — hence, I will give it Accomplished! (this was challenging)]

Get closer to Almighty and continue the journey to discover my soul.
[This is an ongoing journey for life but this year I discovered ‘Myself’ on a whole new level; I didn’t realize I was capable of so much until this year — hence, Accomplished!]

Eliminate working-at-the-eleventh-hour-rule from my life.
[This is the only resolution which didn’t get worked upon at all (probably, because its the force of habit) but I will make sure to make this happen in 2015; hence its going on my 2015 resolution list and it’s Not Accomplished]

Now, my goals/resolutions for 2015:

Stay ‘happy’ — I ‘should’ be happy and thank Lord for all His Mercy and Compassion.

Become an active volunteer, helping people as best as I can in my spare time.

Not to take long-breaks or disappear from WordPress — I will manage my time even if it is one post a month (although I will try to contribute more than that to this community which has given me so much).

Change myself for the better: be less stubborn, consume balanced diet (especially in England), be more patient with myself, be less selfless (think about myself before others), not be gullible and stop being a ‘hero'(I am not here to save the world or be a ‘Superwoman’ — I am here to just play a part; I can’t save everybody).

Avoid ignoring messages/calls (Communication is the key; hence running away won’t help). I am working on it since last year (I think I am getting better at it).

Be ‘Spiritual’ than ‘Religious’ (I am quite religious already).

Spare some time for my personal fitness — whether it be yoga, self defense or gym.

Avoid being over-optimistic which leads to ‘false-hopes’ and mere consolation. Have a practical approach and go by the rule of ‘Expect the best, prepare for the worst’.

Boost up my self-esteem and be more confident about myself (like before — I have to get back to be the confident and self-assured ‘Naima’).

Start working on my ‘bestselling-novel’ that I always wanted to write.

Eliminate working-at-the-eleventh-hour-rule from my life (I have to really work on this one).

Finally, I have enjoyed reading everybody I follow but there are some blogs that have had a great impact on me and I have loved their work throughout 2014 (or for the little time I could follow them):

Cookie – I personally ‘love’ her blog ‘Calliope’s Lyre’. Her poetry touches the deepest chords of my heart and I can relate to her poetry in so many ways. She is an ultimate inspiration. Her blog is a great find of 2014 for me. She is amazing at what she does and I ‘heart’ her work!! Some of my favorite posts include Aspirations, Within, Dark Mornings, Living By Halves, The Apology, Living Numb, Messages of a Cigarette -XXV- [And many many more].

Cecilia – I absolutely love her blog ‘Mum C Writes‘. It’s informative, raises issues of awareness and the quality of her work (poetry in particular) is phenomenal. I can’t thank her enough for finding me on WordPress because that way I found her beautiful blog. Some of my favorite posts include Breast Milk, When Shame Tames and Optimistic Vibes.

Nadine (The Nadlog) – She is a young, beautiful and a very talented blogger. Her simplicity and positive attitude towards life inspires me. I discovered her blog a few months back and since then I have loved her blog for her bold and positive attitude towards life. I really enjoy her posts but the best ones I remember are Sisters, She drowns and I don’t know about but I’m feeling 22.

Bill – I know this man for a while now. He tells himself as my honorary dad and I absolutely adore him and his wisdom. His blog (bwthoughts) is all about the best things and experiences with a ‘lesson’. His posts (his thoughts) are not too lengthy and superb!! He and his blog has helped me learn so much about life. Discussions with him are fun. I can’t thank him enough for being such a great influence. I loved his recent post Polonius-isms.

Neeraj – This man and his blog (Exposed Emotions) is my personal favorite. I have done poetry-duets with him and I get to learn so much from him. His work inspires me and his enthusiasm is commendable. He is just not a fellow-blogger but a friend as well. The philosophical discussions are a source of learning as well. He recently self-published a poetry book ‘Reverberating Pang: WHEN You Lose Someone You Don’t Own’ which was a great success (I personally loved it). Now, I am looking forward to his new book ‘Together Forever’. Some of his poems that I very much enjoyed include Conclusion, Barefoot, Five Years Later, All Alone, I Can’t Stay Mad At You and I wanna Live (From the Heart of Unborn).

Kim (Silently-Heard-Once) – She is somebody I discovered when I started blogging on WordPress and I have been following her since then. I love her poetry and her courage and enthusiasm to fight every battle. She is an inspiration. I loved her recent posts like A Dip in the Sea, Intimate and Now is Today.

Alastair‘A Mixed Bag’ is a beautiful blog. I love his photography. The posts where he puts up a poll to choose ‘Photo of the Month‘ is a very interesting idea. He makes me want to be a better photographer (Chuckling).

Wendell – ‘Where Words Daily Come Alive‘ is a beautiful blog that I have been following for a while now. It’s all about poetry. I enjoy reading Wendell’s blog and his poetry is always so soothing and inspiring. Some of the posts I like are To Forever Keep and Everywhere I Go.

Renard – ‘Renard Moreau Presents‘ is a great blog! This man writes about everything and anything. If you have been following his blog, you know you will keep yourself updated with everything! His blog is super informative and user-friendly. I can’t name his one post that I like but his ‘Just Pondering‘ blog posts are always interesting!!

Less-About-Love (Diary of a Tight-Lipped Girl) – I like her blog for her bold expression about relationships and sharing her life and thoughts to educate others with her experiences.

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37 responses to “2015 Is Here (Are You Ready?)

  1. Balu

    Happy New Year Naima!!. I haven’t read your blog recently, Your blog is fantastic as usual and my 2015 resolution is to read your blog with out fail :).
    It’s good that you have gone trough a mixture of emotions in 2014. thats the proof of living 🙂
    You have all most accomplished most of your last year’s resolution. A pat on your shoulder for that. I already picked one of your last year’s resolution :D. Wishes to you and I hope to read your book soon.

    Btw, Rainbow stayed for 5 mins? Probably it saw you for the first time and gazed for long :).

    • Hey B,

      Happy New Year!!! Long time, no see!! Where have you been?? Reading my blog without fail (often) is a very good resolution because that way I will get to see more of you and hear from you more often. I hope you and your wife are doing great and enjoying the married life. I wish you both all the happiness, success and prosperity for this new year!

      Oh yeah, 2014 has been quite a roller coaster ride. I have been through so much: happiness & misery. So many experiences and lessons are learnt. I guess, you are right — it’s all the proof of ‘living’. After all, living is all about knowing this world and life. Finally, I am getting the sense of how cruel this world could be. [Chuckles]

      Oh yeah, I was pretty surprised myself how well-behaved I have been with my resolutions. I think I was being sly in making very realistic resolutions lol Anyway, I hope I can do the same with this year and be successful with my goals. My book — I really hope I can start working on it. With school, I know it will be a difficult task but not impossible. Fingers Crossed.

      Rainbow did stay for five minutes!! I found it hard to believe myself. It started to fade in the sky after a minute or two but it re-emerged and I was like on cloud nine lol it was an amazing day. You might be right though, it saw me for the first time and didn’t want to break my heart lol

      Thank you for dropping by, Balu! Hope to see you around here more often. Take care of yourself and pass my regards to your wife.


  2. Woahhh sounds like quite a year! 2015 will need to try hard to match up to this one, methinks!
    Thanks so much for the ping, and for introducing me to all these new (and super awesome!) blogs too! I need to kick the PvZ habit too, I’m still playing the Big Wave Beach World every day. :-/

    Also, that looks delicious! Gimme gimme gimme cake? @_@

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Hey Cookie,

      You are so right; 2014 was quite a year but we never know 2015 can surprise me? lol (I just hope it’s a good surprise)

      Trust me, you deserve to be mentioned!! I adore you and I am seriously in love with your blog and poetry. I can relate so much and you just touch my heart with your words. Your blog actually gave me the idea to include the blogs that have had an impact on me in the past year; hence thank you, Cookie!!

      Oh my goodness!! PvZ habit is something cruel! When my lectures are boring (especially Land Law), I wouldn’t care about anything and just start playing. I mean to say if anything is boring, then PvZ is there to entertain.

      You can take as much as you want. Happy New Year!! 🙂

      Much love and blessings,

      • You are simply adorabubble,and no argument on that 🙂 I must saw, I love the idea of someone like you in law. Any and every lawyer I’ve met has only been cool, distant and practical. I imagine people say the same about doctors, but I love the idea of a warm, compassionate but badass lawyer. And anyway, killing zombies is good target practice for your free time. :p

        Been popping back and forth through your blog this week- and I love it even more! 😀

        Cookie 🙂

      • You are awesome yourself and there is no argument about that either!! Thank you for motivation with the law stuff (lol). I really need it.

        As far as zombies are concerned, we will keep practicing then. Just have to avoid it for becoming an addiction (lol)

        I love your blog and writinh way way way more!! I always look forward to see your posts in my Reader!

        With much love,

  3. Opps.. I couldn’t keep a track of all that happens in 2014. But it was hell so much more than I expected. I adore how beautifully you carry innocence and maturity. After going through the flashback on ’14 I feel that I’ve been watching you throughout the milestones you chose (Except a few).
    All the best for 2015.

    • That’s so nice of you to say, Neeraj. Thank you for your support and your beautiful blog. Your poetry book was quite a highlight of 2014. It was a great moment to see you becoming a published author. That’s why I cant wait for Forever Together.

      All the best to you too for 2015. Take care and stay blessed!


  4. Al

    I hope you have a great 2015 Naima. You certainly deserve it. As for your best friend. Every person enters you life for – a reason, a season or a life time. Ones who enter your life for a reason are there to teach you something quick, or for you teach them something quick.
    Ones who enter for a season, stay for a couple of years, maybe more, and they teach you – or you teach them – something about life, and change the way one of you lives life.
    Ones who enter for a lifetime, they are there forever. You are forever learning from the other, and these are the real friends.

    I want to thank you for adding my blog to the list of ones you follow, I appreciate that. Thank you.

    Happy New Year, may it have all you desire and then some more.

    • Thank you very much Al for sharing your thoughts. I agree that everybody have their time and if they leave, then that means their chapter in your life-book is over. Just to get over the sense of loss is quite traumatic. The feeling and the question that ‘Why always me?’ makes it even bad.

      Your blog is worth mentioning and thank you for sharing your work. I hope to see you doing the same great work in 2015!

      Happy New Year to you as well your family, Al! I hope for you and your family to have a blessed and prosperous year ahead.

      Best Wishes,

  5. Aww I got a mention. This just made me smile big time! 🙂 Thank you so much. I have really loved this post for the honesty and your writing just is fabulous. I’m reminded with every comment you make, and do appreciate every single one. Just love your advices and kind words, which cheer me up without fail 🙂
    Thank you for being the way you are 🙂

    • Hey there,

      Happy New Year once again!! I am glad to have made you smile. Just remember one thing, you are an amazing person and I love your blog for its simplicity, your honesty and courage to share your life and experiences with your readers! Keep up the good work!

      I hope to cheer you up with all I can do with comments and reading your blog-posts. Thank you for being you and sharing your experiences. You are not alone (you should know that).

      With love,

  6. Insight

    Happy New Year, Naima! 🙂
    That’s such a lovely post written by you. I’m extremely glad to hear that you’ll be more active on blogging from this year onwards. Regarding the year you’d gone through, I assume that it’s the most valuable year you’d succeeded thus far. Your words reveal out everything on how beautiful and memorable one it’s. Keep smiling, rise and shine like you always do, Buddy. 🙂 🙂

    .P.S. I’m extremely happy to have a friend like you. Everything happens for a reason; let the reason be anything, but people get connected to each other by so many means. I never count on such reasons, but still there may be…

    .P.S.S. Thank you so much for openly sharing all those lessons you’ve learnt thoroughly through 2k14. It means a lot to me as it speaks of certain facts to be inspired from life. Life says it all at various circumstances; your words explains at least a few of them to me.

    Keep in touch, Naima. Have a great year ahead and may all your new resolutions work out in reality.

    – Rahul

    • Hey Rahul,

      Thank you for your comment. I really hope I fulfill my word of being more involved with this blog. After all, I like doing this then why not spend more time on what I like?

      Thank you for always supporting and motivating me. It’s greatly appreciated. Also, I am glad that I can be a good friend to you and you can count on me. 2014 has taught me many lessons and I would very much like for people to learn from my experiences than going through with stuff all over again. Haven’t you heard that ‘a smart man learns from his own mistakes but a wise man learns from others mistakes’. I just like to share my thoughts and experiences with you all because Sharing is Caring and I care.

      You keep in touch as well, Rahul. Have a blessed and prosperous year ahead. I wish you all the very best with your life.

      Best Wishes,

      • Insight

        Yo yo yo! That’s so nice to listen from your side, Naima. I’m extremely happy to have connection with people like you, with whom I got connected via certain unknown reasons/ coincidences. But as this quote says, “Everything happens for a reason”, there might be some reason lying beneath our friendship, too. Keep in touch, Naima. Have a good day. Enjoy. *smiles*

        – Rahul

      • May be everything doesn’t have a reason for us to know otherwise Nature would have had answers for a lot of things and atheists wong be dissappinted with the religion.
        Anyway, thank you for your comments, Rahul. They are always welcome.

        Best Wishes,

  7. That is quite the list of accomplishments, and quite the list of resolutions! Thank you for sharing part of 2014 with me, Naima. 🙂

  8. Hey Naima,
    A very well written post. It seems you are indeed a sorted personality at this early age. Wow… Its like you are inspiring indirectly many of us.

    I specially liked “Avoid ignoring messages/calls”. I have been doing this for a long and yet I never realized this until I read ur post.

    Its pleasure following you. 🙂 Keep Writing.
    Wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 🙂 🙂

    • Hey there,

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog. It’s greatly appreciated. Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I hope to see more of you around here. Although, you have a lovely blog yourself and I hope to read more of your work as well.

      The ignoring messages/calls is quite a problem. I hope to get it sorted out soon cause I really don’t like people moaning about it and complaining about my attitude (lol). I know, a lot of people don’t realize it unless they are told. Well, it could be a good or a bad thing. Depends from person to person.

      Anyway, thanks for following me and for such a motivating comment. I wish you a very blessed and a prosperous 2015.

      Best Wishes,

  9. thenadlog

    Happy New Year!

    So much to say, I don’t even know where to start!

    I am so happy I follow your blog because I love reading what you have to say.

    Thank you for reading my posts as well! You have become one of the very few people that I actually want to hear their opinions on my writing.

    May it be a glorious year for your and your family.

    Best Regards,

  10. Alex Jones ⋅

    I have been following your blog since before you started education in UK and it has been a pleasure; it seemed like just yesterday. I wish you a great year in 2015.

    • I know, it seems like I came to England just yesterday!! It has been a pleasure knowing you, Alex! I have always enjoyed reading your blog. I wish you a great 2015 as well!!

      With best wishes,

  11. RoSy

    Lots of happenings for 2014. Nice that you got to go home for Christmas. Safe travels back to England.
    Cheers to you for a wonderful 2015!

  12. dilip

    Its still not too late to wish you a very happy New Year Naima 🙂 This post is very well composed and written spontaneously that’s what makes it so fascinating.

    With kindest regards!

  13. Dakshi

    I’m sure you will have a great new year!

  14. Renard Moreau ⋅

    [ Smiles ] Thank you so kindly for the kind sentiments!

  15. billgncs

    Few things can match the honor of being able to watch the loveliest of flowers blossom.

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