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The Naked Truth

You told me,
It was you all along,
Who wanted to be set free,
Who wanted wings to flee,
Who wanted a key,
For another heart’s ignition,
You wanted everything but not me.

You told me,
There is no Forever,
Bitter but this world is clever,
Pain is an endeavor,
Never say never,
For I know now,
Lies defined our vows,
You wanted everything but didn’t know how.

You told me,
A story,
A legend,
You played your part,
With all your heart,
A man as fine as art,
Somebody extraordinarily smart,
I forgot that love was a forbidden fruit,
I forgot that passionate night my life’s route,
You took everything — it was a loot,
You wanted everything but not a dispute.

Today, I yearn for your heart,
I beg and plead to play my part,
But you’re a changed man,
You want your free-will,
You want your life,
You want your thrill,
You want a strife,
You want everything but not a wife,
For now, I can be anybody and see,
You want everything but not me.

About globalunison

Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

10 responses to “The Naked Truth

  1. juliemontgommerynews ⋅

    “You’re the person I love most”, he said to me; “we couldn’t be, so I set you free; but I still want you and love you best; how can that be?” “After all”, he considered, “didn’t you teach me how to love you without seeing?”; “I still love you, but I have to be me. I never stop hoping that one day we’ll meet, again”.

  2. kavvzzz

    I loved this.
    I would, however, suggest you to work more on the flow of the poem rather than the rhyming you’re so ardently trying to fit.

    • Thank you Kavya for your feedback and suggestion. I will certainly try to work on that and then you could see if there has been any improvement.


      • kavvzzz

        Don’t sound so formal.
        I’d rather like it if you say, “ok dude watch me make you take your words back.”

      • Haha, yeah, I will certainly make you take your words back but sometimes I just like to play with rhymes. I don’t really care if there has been a flow or not. But hey, you watch out for my next one 😉


  3. Sandee

    Whoa! Heavy! I have to come back and read this one again.

  4. I see a huge improvement in this poem. So much depth and clarity in the emotions detailed here. Though the feeling is heartbreaking but it was a delight to read it.

    • I know, the feeling is heart-breaking and I am doing quite a job ruining people’s love and Valentine’s season lol

      Thank you for reading Neeraj and your kind words! 🙂

      Best Regards,

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