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Day 23: Your Dream Job

I am a very career-oriented woman and I will love to be a professional working woman one day but my dream job might not have the very same idea of professionalism.

My dream job is to be a novel writer/writer. I want to travel around the world and feed on inspiration to write. I don’t want to be some genius like Dan Brown. Instead, I want to scribble down stories of people that we don’t pay quite an importance to but they are heroes of today. I want to be able to tell people what is reality with a pinch of fairy-tale-pepper (only because it exists).

So yeah, that’s it for this post. I can’t believe it’s Day 23 already for this challenge!

Until next time, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

About globalunison

Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

6 responses to “Day 23: Your Dream Job

  1. Predominant & Astonishing Ana ⋅

    I like that ” I want to scribble down stories of people that we don’t pay quite an importance to but they are heroes of today.” I feel that we re-write stories of people who have already had the glory and so now let’s shine the light on someone else that might be in the back hoping to put in a say a word or two. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me! keep on writing!

    • I am glad you were inspired cause to be honest, I read to get inspiration and if my work in someway provide for anybody’s inspiration; it’s an honor! Thank you for reading and for sharing your opinion.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Tatsat ⋅

    Thats quite something to aspire to be. I think being a writer is difficult, because he sees things the way normal people don’t. The clarity of thought lets him/her come up with stories that stretch human imagination, and cause. So… congratulations 🙂 You will make a great writer I am sure.

    • Thank you for your kind words. Being a writer is quite difficult, inspiring myself each day is not an easy task. I wish I could capture the strength of humanity and display it the way I want to. Thank you once again for reading.

      Kind Regards,

  3. barrira

    I sincerely hope you get to live your dream 🙂

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