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TA..TA Exams (See You Next Year)

I didn't arrange them for the picture -- I am actually that organized *Patting-on-my-back*

I didn’t arrange them for the picture — I am actually that organized *Patting-on-my-shoulder*

Phew! Exams are over and so am I done living a nightmare. There are loads and bulks of things I have cramped in my head for the past month from provisions of legislation to the annoying case-law and trust me when I say I don’t remember slightest bit of anything and yes, I claim that shamelessly. This educational system is flawed (at least in my opinion): what is the point of memorizing when in reality; I would have books to assist me for relevant case-law and legislation in a law-firm. Okay, I am done complaining for now.

I can’t imagine that I am almost done with my higher education. It seems like just yesterday when I came to this foreign land for pursuing my dreams and here I am, this place have been my home for three straight years. This means I am ageing – oh well, how I wish I could go back to being a carefree child but anyway, I will let time work its magic on me.

And sometimes all you need are calories to cheer you up!

And sometimes all you need are calories to cheer up.

My last exam was on Saturday (May 30, 2015) and I celebrated my freedom with a choco-nilla delight because I was allowed as many calories as I wanted that day. I have been waiting for these exams to end for an eternity and now that they are over, I am too exhausted to do anything. I think sleeping counts as a chore too so I have been catching up on that for the last two days.

I know I have been missing out on reading all the good stuff by you lovely people but I am back in action so I will be getting back to reading and responding to every one of you real soon.

This post is a shout out to all the brave souls who have survived the exams hurricane. All the very best for the results and Happy Holidays!!

Sleep deprived nights have me looking like this.

Sleep deprived nights have me looking like a disaster. Law-school for sure can give you a serious makeover.

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42 responses to “TA..TA Exams (See You Next Year)

  1. Glad your exams are over, Naima. Wishing you all the best. You look great to me, by the way. 🙂

  2. izza ifzaal ⋅

    Finally you’re done & yeah I celebrated my last example with dessert as well :p Whoofff! Time flies &

  3. izza ifzaal ⋅

    I am glad yours ended ! Law school sounds great 🙂
    All the best!! and thanks for catching up with my ramblings 😛
    means a ton love ! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on getting through and surviving exams. Kick back, enjoy life and have another bowl of ice cream. =) Cheers to you Naima.

  5. Dakshi

    Hope you did well. I was wondering why the silent.

  6. Haha congratulations to you. 🎉
    When exams get over,it calls for a celebration, so the calories don’t really matter, now do they?(See who is talking about calories.I have never watched the calories count.Never ever in my life.I need to.Like real fast.-.-)
    Well,Whatevs.Just glad you’re free,too.:D

  7. Wow! Three years!! I ‘m too young remind you of your grandmother now. 🙂 Well take your time off and relax. Enjoy some you time.

  8. You survived the tough part 😛 But I am sure the sleepless nights will still be there but just doing the things you love like reading books & blogs & other ECA 😀 Sleepy is all I felt during exams days 😉 Enjoy Holidays Naima !!

    • Yeah sleep deprived nights will still be there but at least I wouldn’t have to share my bed with my over-weight books and stacks of notes! Also, I wouldn’t have to stay up studying them — argh! I am so happy about the next three months — no stress what so ever :))


      • Wow 3 months? That’s more than the summer vacations 😀 You can try for AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS with still 10 days to spare 😛 Wish I could get atleast 3 weeks of continuous holiday 😦

      • Oh yeah, it’s always fun to have long vacations but it gets quite boring. However, I love my sleep so I don’t mind it. Around the world in 80 days — I wish I didn’t need visas or there were geographic boundaries so I could visit everywhere in the world (at least i think so).


      • Oh yes that’s the dream of everyone. Travel all over the world. I was also not a big fan of travelling but these last 3 days have surely changed my mind & also UPed the beauty of nature in my eyes 🙂 geographical boundaries really are big hurdles 😦

      • Geographical boundaries are all the mess otherwise we all would be flying somewhere and have our own getaways (lol)


      • Yes no boundaries & all freedom & no toll gates 😀 I think it would be chaos 😉 but imagination is a blessing 😀

      • I don’t think it would be a chaos instead it will be magic! God didn’t divide the planet, we did so how can it be a chaos? Instead division of the world in over 200 countries is a chaos.


      • Yes that’s true Naima. Division has made things worse but people have adjusted so very well that changing the whole system may see confusion in their minds & it can take a whole lot of time to adjust again 😦 Its my personal experience humans take so much time to accept the change but once it is accepted things becomes easy 🙂 but in this world there is magic everywhere. Just need some change in perspective.

      • I think if it’s about perspective then it’s not the world which is magical because it’s our eyes. Some can see and feel the magic while others can’t. It’s all about perspective after all, isn’t it?


      • Bingo !! Yeah not all see the magic in this world 🙂 And it surely is all about perspective and how we accept the situation & work on it to make it better for ourselves & others 🙂 You surely have great sense of thinking and by that I mean positive one which very few people got in today’s world 😦

  9. Tatsat

    Haha… I miss my college exams 😦 They remind us how capable we are, in a tragiv sort of way 😉 So, exams over. Whats next??

    • Blogging, home, an internship/part-time job, reading and sleeping (that’s the best part though lol)

      You are going to be blogging often, right? *Pinky-Promise?*


  10. thenadlog

    Congrats on finishing your exams!

    If It was up to me, I would go back to college in a heart beat. Nothing more beautiful than education.

    Warm Regards,

    • I have been told education is quite an easy stage of life while practical life is much more challenging and difficult and I should enjoy what I have right now.

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Your visits always make me smile.


  11. Glad you are done with exams, Naima, and your photo is beautiful! You don’t look sleep deprived! My daughter is in the same hurricane right now and her last final is June 10th and her graduation is June 13th. So she’s been a little grumpy. She got her cap and gown and will have a BA once she’s all done but it’s a push right now unto the end. 🙂 Anyway, congratulations! You deserve it and you also deserve those calories! ♥

    • Congratulations to you and your daughter!! I can imagine how proud you must be feeling as a mother of her accomplishments. Also, all the very best to her for her final. You must be excited planning a celebration after her graduation, Lauren.

      Much love,

  12. Congratulations. It’s an accomplishment to savor.

  13. barrira

    Congratulations, I’m sure you’d do kickass, Inshalla
    Hugs & Love
    (Yes, I’m catching up on all missed posts :$)

  14. Insight

    Remember those days while you asked me about abroad studies and how you ended up in UK? About how we got connected and I just noticed from this post that it’s being more than 3 years I know you. It feels really good to know about people from other parts of the world. You know… World is so big to explore so many facts and you’re one among them I’ve discovered via blogging. I’m extremely glad to know that you’re almost done with the studies. All the very best for your bright future, Naima. Cheers! 🙂

    P.S. Looking forward to talk to you soon. I’ll ping you right after my exams which will be over on Friday.

    ~ Rahul

  15. RoSy

    And – keep on celebrating…

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