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He breathed magic in her soul,
And she was scarred no more,
He was confused and bruised,
She took him by the hand,
And showed him the light,
To bring his lost soul home,
The hardships were woven into their life,
Struggling each day to help each other survive,
But they wouldn’t give up just yet,
Even if they didn’t know what it was all worth,
They’d hold on to the feeling of love,
For nothing could pull them apart,
As they were eternal,
And their love was a short-lived eternity,
She was the very epitome of perfection,
He lived by the golden divine light of her eyes,
And he experienced heaven on Earth,
Whenever she wrapped him in her embrace,
He melted in her arms and blended into her existence,
She was what he called home.

About globalunison

Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

33 responses to “Home

  1. This is such a dream. I felt it. Thank you Naima. 🙂

  2. It’s magical and so beautiful,N!
    Keep it up!

  3. Beautiful. The magic of love.

  4. AdiC

    Ahh.. The feels ❤

  5. So beautiful, Naima Cheers =)

  6. Jaime

    This is such a lovely piece! Well done!

  7. Tatsat ⋅

    Very sensuous… You are getting better at this!

  8. I just had 1 word lingering my mind while reading this and that’s AWESOME 🙂 Oh the feel and the words did it all. Wish I had something like this and my partner could just hold on together. Hoping for better days 😉 Naima, seriously Girl, this is great 🙂

    • Aw, that means whole a lot. I am happy you liked it and I wish that you do have a partner who knows the value of ‘holding on’ and patience — it can bear the sweetest of fruits.
      I hope you are doing well, Darshith.
      Much love,

  9. izza ifzaal ⋅

    If only such dreams were reality! ! Beautiful

  10. barrira

    Home is indeed a person, this is beautiful ❤

  11. He melted in her arms and blended into her existence,
    She was what he called home.

    Beautiful Naima, home is where the heart is 💕

  12. Nicole

    hhhhmmmm love it 😀

  13. This was entrancing, Naima, pure magic! ♥

  14. Lovely lines: “As they were eternal,
    And their love was a short-lived eternity,”

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