Damaged Beauty

He was terrified of loving her,
Not her flawless smooth skin,
Or her bright crimson eyes,
The silken texture of her luscious lips,
He was afraid of the storms inside her,
The disasters which made her a breathtaking mystery,
The irresistible and impossible work of art she was,
And if he was to shed all her skin down,
So he could try to peek inside her soul,
As though to admire the perfection he would see,
The light beyond the shadows of her physical appearance,
He feared to admit to himself,
That she was beautifully damaged,
But like the rest, he was scared to unravel,
The mysteries that were woven into the basis of her existence,
He was tempted to experience love in its best form,
Nonetheless he was afraid to tame the storms roaring inside of her,
He was scared to let go of his desires and transform,
His fear into a superpower to be able to see through her,
And hopelessly fall in love with her beautifully scarred heart.

damaged beauty

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Your words cut through me,
Scattered broken pieces,
No more tears,
But the taste of blood,
As I rip my bottom lip and my fears,
And here I am,
Trying to think,
Trying to guess,
Trying to recall,
All my mistakes,
All my flaws,
The reason for this,
The ruthless cause,
Is it so cold down there?
In the kingdom of your heart,
The arteries are blocked,
And the love-walls clogged,
And here I am,
Trying to love you less,
Trying to fight this stress,
Trying to not miss your caress,
But I am high on the thought of you,
I try but my pain only knows to grow,
I shall trust time like I trusted you,
To be rewarded with broken promises,
And the dreams that would never come true.

I apologize if it’s too sad for the Valentines season but I promise to come up with something lovey-dovey soon (definitely before Valentines). Until then, you guys enjoy this one!! 

Good Morning Lovely People!! <3

Good Morning Lovely People!! ❤

Photo Source: All Rights Reserved With: https://www.globalunison.wordpress.com