Day 18: The meaning behind your blog name

GlobalUnison — I always wanted to be able to communicate with people from as many places as I thought exist on this planet. I wanted to know about their experiences, culture, food, traditions and how different they were despite of being exactly like me – a human. I wanted to unite with this world through my blog. I knew these conspiracies were just a political and diplomatic upfront. Pakistan and India still have the Kashmir conflict to resolve and according to ‘sources’, people of these two lands have grudge against each other (It makes me want to laugh hysterically). I have earned some great Indian friends (for life-time) through my blog. I believe these things don’t exist in reality. People are too busy to pick up a fight just on the basis of some political or media-made controversy. Anyway, my point is I wanted to know the world through this blog without being able to visit the places in person (although one day I’d like to — every one of them) and I accomplished my mission as far as I know.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for being the part of my life and for sharing your world with me. Thank you for being such a wonderful audience and my cyber-family (as I call it my WordPress Family).

Until tomorrow, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.