Filling In The Spaces -V-

You want to know what is love?

Even after knowing that you want/need to be with another woman, I will roll your jockeys in the boxers and fold them just the way I saw you doing it for the first time we moved in together. I will fold your socks just the way you like it (knotted and tucked in) and I will cook your favorite meal even when you’re not around. Your over sized grayish T-shirt is still the most worn garment in my wardrobe and your shaving kit still lies in the same place you last left it although you haven’t returned home for a while now.

My eyes are soaking wet but I am still busy thinking if you are doing okay and if you are eating well. I am still worried if you have gotten to work at time and that if you are frustrating too much to mumble. I can’t stop caring. It’s all about ‘giving’ in my book. They say love is selfish but love has taught me to be selfless. I have forgotten to think about myself since I have known you.

I will call you my love but you’d call yourself my obsession. 


Love is neither for me nor for you;
Lesson for everybody – comprehended by FEW.

My bed swallowed me in a gulp

Concealing the emotions within my heart’s pulp

Under the sheets, the rolling tears need a break

Otherwise there will be a flowing salty lake

Everything has turned to betray me except his thoughts

His memories slaughter me with the silent thrashing shots

I shut my eyes to embrace the mortal sleep

One thing more to deceive but his thoughts deep and deep

I strive to trail away from his thoughts for an instant

Defeated by an immense margin – my soul arrogant

Was the time spent with him an incredible reality or a worse nightmare?

I can sense his breathing pulse caressing my earlobe as if I still care

His splendid looks, miraculous personality, humble nature – my ultimate admiration

Was it an obsession or my admiration on biased foundation?

Was loving him intensely my substantial mistake?

Was this I deserve at the end of the day – melancholy, agony and heart ache?

The uprising question is: WHAT HE DID?

Struggled to get rid of me; leaving me to solve his remnant grid

The perception of the prince charming that enthralled me before

It lingers in my head – poison needed to seal the sore spore

He was my prince – THE ONE with whom I dreamt of walking down the aisle

The moments passed by in the shot of a bullet – I helplessly smile

The twinkle of his eye, the curve of his lips, his emphatic Adam’s apple

His vivid imagery accommodates the empty rooms of my brain as a gray-dapple

Things turned from bad to worse

Nothing left except to curse

Eventually my doom compelled my soul to give in

The devastated me doesn’t have any choice but to dump my feelings in the fatal bin

I turned pale, feeble and fragile

No more rosy cheeks; tears competent of the fast flowing Nile

Love is eternal regardless of what is cherry-picked

Love is morphine – an addiction for an addict

There is a message for you to know

Love is naïve yet a massive blow

Seek the lesson on your way

Trust broken once can’t be mended any day

Love unconditionally – no quest for the reward

Thirst for endeavor and adventure rings the heartily chord


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