Filling In The Spaces -III-

N: It’s getting intense. I don’t know what to do. I am scared and anxious.
A: You are too selfish. Why is it always about ‘I’ when it comes to you?
N: I am confused that why didn’t I start thinking about the ‘I’ aspect from before cause now that you have crushed me beneath your foot, I can’t think for myself anymore.
A: If you want to think for yourself, then you will have to leave.
N: Leave everything just like that? After all we have gone through?
A: Yes. After all, being selfish will come with a price that you should be willing to pay.
N: I am not ready to pay ‘you’ as a price.
A: The choice is yours: suffocate or set yourself free.
N: You are like a burning cigarette – you choose to take me down with you.
A: Of course…