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Humanity Disaster

I am a human and I am prone to making mistakes. I quarrel with my partner just before I go to bed. I fail to realize that I might never wake up to apologize. I take my mother for granted and I can never do justice to the love, care and respect she deserves yet I never try. I fail to recognize the sheer magic of her presence in my life. I gossip and spread rumours for merely self-pleasure. I fail to understand the irrevocable damage caused. I am too much of an egotistic to apologize even if I am at fault. I fail to see that contentment sprouts out of generosity. I am not careful with my tongue and words. I fail to appreciate their ability to influence the minds and hearts. I judge when I don’t have the right to. I fail to comprehend that I don’t have to be like the rest. I blame the system when the change demands my actions. I fail to acknowledge the power within me.

I am a human and I am prone to regret. I usually realize the value of the blessings in my life after I have lost them. Why do I have to believe in the theories proposed by the society when I have the power to think and differentiate between the right and wrong? Why am I accused of being ‘crazy’ when I think out of the box? Why is it that when I die, the same craziness becomes literature and philosophy? It startles me how a person doesn’t have the courage to resolve unsettled issues in their lifetime but he considers it important to be a part of the funeral of a friend who he hasn’t spoken to in the past two decades. It frightens me how we enjoy the ideology of freedom of speech when it concerns our motives and opposes the same ideology when our beliefs are threatened. We distinguish ourselves from others on the basis of religion, culture, invisible geographical boundaries, wealth, ethnicity, social status, political ideology and etc. However, why do we never emphasize more on what brings us together than what divides us? It scares me how we have been too absorbed with classifying ourselves to fit in different categories to distinguish ourselves from one another that we are utterly oblivious to the fact that we are all the same – aren’t we all humans after all?

I am a human and humanity is my responsibility but I am too busy being a human who is prone to hypocrisy.


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21 responses to “Humanity Disaster

  1. billgncs

    each day is given us to start anew and do better.

  2. AdiC

    You couldn’t have put it better! Very thought provoking. Specially that part about how our craziness after death becomes literature and philosophy!

    • We have to confront the truth one day or the other — I hope that one day we can understand the responsibility that comes with being a human (‘the most intelligent creature on this planet’ in the words of science).


  3. A thoughtful blog – a self-forgiveness for being a human. Excellent. 🙂

  4. Beautiful piece. We are only destroying ourselves and the human race with these classifications. A humble attitude like your own is the only solution.

  5. barrira

    Extremely thoughtful and beautifully done Naima :)The human race seems to be going in a downward spiral *sigh* however as long as at-least some of us are aware of our actions, even that counts.
    Much love

  6. RoSy

    Every day – every moment is an opportunity to be more in tune with life & humanity. Hopefully – we each recognize it & live by it before it’s too late.

  7. You’re right, there is a lot of hypocrisy in the world. We out it to ourselves and the world to examine our lives and try each day to do a bit better. Cheers to you Naima.

  8. michele

    So many points that hit me right in the gut, thanks! I also appreciate the like at my site.

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