Evington was my home in 2013/2014!

While researching for this article Evington Road is the Most Dangerous Road to Live on, I was shocked. Evington was my home for the academic year of 2013/2014. I can’t believe that I risked too much for getting out of those unbearable student halls. Thankfully, I had no trouble living there.

However, if any of you are planning to come to Leicester, you know which road to avoid.


I also wrote a news article last week on the earnings of the Vice Chancellor of University of Leicester. If anybody is interested in reading, We Asked People What They Think of The VC’s High Earnings.


Thank you for always reading and supporting. For me, getting published is a very big deal. It feels like I am living the dream. I don’t think I have words to describe how I feel when I see my name ‘Naima’ under the title of the article. May be these articles don’t concern you at all (if you’re not living in England) and you are very welcome to ignore them but I always like to share my happiness with my WordPress Family. Blessings.

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Day 22: The Best Thing to Happen This year

Something went wrong so I had to post this again. Apologies for any inconvenience.

I recently got published if you didn’t know (Am I Really Published?). It was not just any article, it was a big achievement for me and for The Tab Leicester as well.

According to this girl who is the assistant editor at The Tab, my article was responsible for generating the most of the traffic on the day it was published (11 February 2015) making Tab Leicester’s ranking 7th across all Tab sites.


I got around 285 shares and 22, 583 views for my only article leaving me to be the 15th most popular Tab contributor. I was astounded to be on the second place for my very first article in the list of Tab Top Five Articles of The Week. I couldn’t believe all this was happening within a matter of two days because I didn’t think that the article was this good.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you WordPress and my readers who have been sharing their love with me for a long time. Thank you for reading, appreciating and sharing.

Until the next post, Live, Love, Inspire & (don’t forget to) Smile. Believe in yourself and you can conquer all your fears.

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Am I really Published?

Finally, I am published in ‘The Tab Leicester’!! I have mixed feelings about it but yeah, I think this is just the start of my journey. Thank you to ‘GlobalUnison’ and everyone who follows the blog and read it. You readers have provided me with a great deal of motivation, encouragement and the positive spirit to only look forward and keep writing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You could click on the link below to go to the article and read it. Any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Choosing to wait is not an embarrassment: I’m a virgin

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