Filling In The Spaces -VI-

A: I want you in my arms for the rest of my life.
N: My arms are wide open and will always be.
A: I will never let you down again and will take care of you just the way you always wanted me to. I will listen to you talk for hours without dozing off on you. I want to be there for you to support you. I want one last chance to make this right for ‘us’. I love you with every fiber of my being. 
N: I love you also.
A: I know now that a gem of your kind is rare — may be one of its very own kind. I don’t want to lose you. You are everything I long for.
N: (Sigh) And you are everything I waited so long for.

Filling In The Spaces -V-

You want to know what is love?

Even after knowing that you want/need to be with another woman, I will roll your jockeys in the boxers and fold them just the way I saw you doing it for the first time we moved in together. I will fold your socks just the way you like it (knotted and tucked in) and I will cook your favorite meal even when you’re not around. Your over sized grayish T-shirt is still the most worn garment in my wardrobe and your shaving kit still lies in the same place you last left it although you haven’t returned home for a while now.

My eyes are soaking wet but I am still busy thinking if you are doing okay and if you are eating well. I am still worried if you have gotten to work at time and that if you are frustrating too much to mumble. I can’t stop caring. It’s all about ‘giving’ in my book. They say love is selfish but love has taught me to be selfless. I have forgotten to think about myself since I have known you.

I will call you my love but you’d call yourself my obsession. 

Filling In The Spaces -IV-


You are my fairy tale and I can’t live you enough — my ‘happily ever after’.

N: I am scared of having the security of your arms and then losing it all over again. May be for a short while or may be ‘Forever’.
A: What’s with you and ‘Forever’?
N: Do you believe in Fairy-tales?
A: In books, yes.
N: What about reality?
A: It’s not impossible but it’s nearly impossible.
N: Well that’s my relationship with ‘Forever’. It’s an impossible that can be made possible. Only with you.
A: Don’t forget that I may have taken over your world but you were unable to conquer mine.

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Filling In The Spaces -III-

N: It’s getting intense. I don’t know what to do. I am scared and anxious.
A: You are too selfish. Why is it always about ‘I’ when it comes to you?
N: I am confused that why didn’t I start thinking about the ‘I’ aspect from before cause now that you have crushed me beneath your foot, I can’t think for myself anymore.
A: If you want to think for yourself, then you will have to leave.
N: Leave everything just like that? After all we have gone through?
A: Yes. After all, being selfish will come with a price that you should be willing to pay.
N: I am not ready to pay ‘you’ as a price.
A: The choice is yours: suffocate or set yourself free.
N: You are like a burning cigarette – you choose to take me down with you.
A: Of course…

Filling In The Spaces -II-

N: How could I love you so much?
A: May be, our love is your ‘destiny’.
N: Do you believe in destiny?
A: Yes, I do.
N: What’s destiny?
A: Destiny describes your destination; however the path you choose (good or bad) to reach that destination is your power of ‘CHOICE’ — in this world, humans call it ‘Freedom of Choice’. Hence, we have to stop blaming destiny for everything because we always have the upper hand.
N: So, love is our destination; however the path we choose to reach the finish line is our choice, then apparently can the chosen path somehow affect the final decision (our destination – our love)?
A: I think, yes and no, but if the final decision (final destination) can be squashed then the concept of ‘Destiny’ will be as well (at least my definition of ‘destiny’).

Filling In The Spaces -I-

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post do not intend to offend any religious or social beliefs. 

N: I always wanted a dramatic love story, now I have my wish fulfilled. I mean we have a real-life ‘RamLeela’ (Romeo & Juliet) going on. The literature can’t even begin to understand and explain my love for you and my capability to sacrifice myself to own you, so fearlessly.

A: We will write our story differently and change the geography of the miserable history of love. We can take a stand to be accepted. I know neither I nor you care about this freaking double-standard society but let’s do this world a favor. Let’s do it for the generations to come. Let’s do it to make sure there are no more divides to ban the existence of love whether it be religion, culture or this society itself.

N: If I am handed over to these corrupt, pretentious and fake religious freaks in this society who might be drunkards, rapists, terrorists and a disgrace on the phase of Earth themselves; they will not see any flaw in their own actions but will point their fingers at me for loving you. They will cut me thousand times over if I tell them that I am in love with you – a Hindu!

A: I will slice them into pieces more than stars in the sky before they can even think of touching you.

N: You say these kind of things and my heart skips a beat. It’s like you rip open my chest to steal my heart and leave me to burn in the flame of your love.

A: Because as many times I rip open your chest to steal your heart, the more chances I have to wrap your heart with my love and seal it back again.

N: How will I stop burning in the fire of your passion if you keep killing me with the same sword?

A: You will not regret burning in this flame of passion; my heart won’t let you.

PS– Love is all about freedom so let it flow, in whatever direction for whatever means through whatever medium — just let it flow. The more we try to control things, the more entangled they will get resulting in even more out-of-control-situation.