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Settling into UK!

Hey ya fellas! I apologize sincerely for vanishing for a week or so but I had to or rather I put it like this that I was too much messed up in the emotional trauma that I was going through that it made it difficult for me to inform my lovely family here! I have read too many posts on Renard’s blog expressing his miserable feelings for the bloggers who vanish without explaining the cause and though I have had a sincere readership around yet I failed to inform you all and that is why I feel awful so apologies, apologies and apologies! And I hope its granted now!

My books – Business, Mathematics, English (Three subjects for this term which ends on December 7th 2012)

Now the question is where have I been? Interesting question! I am no more in my country but in England for my studies i.e my undergraduate program! The previous week was crucial! I covered 6 chapters of Business Studies and 5 chapters of Mathematics and submitted the project of Business on Friday and wrote the maths test on Thursday (which was nearly perfect!) Apart from studies which are smooth enough now after a rushing week because I arrived two weeks later than the starting date (Another story why I was late – briefly, I turned 18 in August and it took longer for my identity card to get to me and as soon as I got through it, I filed my visa and fortunately I received my visa in 5 working days!)

Clouds forming before it starts to rain or rather drizzle! I love the smoky skies in here – this place is romantic! (lol)

Settling into UK – not a problem at all! Lovely people out there in almost freezing weather and yeah romance pouring my heart with the rain tickling my face! According to me, it never rains in here instead it drizzles! I like the feeling of walking on the lonely and empty streets aimlessly trying to figure out where I have to go. I love getting lost and then finding my way back again and the sweetheart babies you see all around you; almost perfect but I miss my family terribly! The most difficult part is when you sit all alone by yourself trying to eat but you can’t cause you miss your family’s dinning table, your parent’s arguments and siblings chit chat and funny pranks! I have to cry to myself because if I will be weak, my mum will certainly be not better! My room is okay – thankfully it is my room only so I do not have to share it with anybody even being on university’s accommodation!

I carried it all the way from Morrisons to my room – those 15 minutes were hell!

Plenty of stories in my head and I want to let all of them out! My flight was 7 hours delayed and I got to know it on Dubai International Airport when some Italian guy (whose English accent was a terrible pain for my ears) told me how they do not have enough passengers to fly to Birmingham! I simply never knew how Emirates could ditch me like this but those 7 hours were an incredible experience. The sense of responsibility that ensured me how I had grown up and can do everything independently now. Those 7 hours when I had to look after my money, my luggage, keep contact with my parents, resisting the sleep when I was up for more than 24 hours and what not. Dubai Internstional Airport was my first examination and with His cooperation, I succeeded it like a victorious warrior! I reached my accommodation at 11:00 pm on October 12th and the very next day I realized I had to do my grocery all on my own (which I had never done before) and I had to walk like crazies! Yeah, I missed my driver and at times my car as well but with time walking was a pleasure instead I discovered how I can observe many things minutely when I walk and see the world without technology!  I have been to city center twice and I kinda bought many things though I am not a shopaholic at all but I guess that was the need cause UK is kinda freezing and will continue to freeze more and more with every passing day! Primark, H&M, Topshop, Zara’s, Integration,  Evans – you name it and I am sure I have been there! I am still discovering good restaurants though right now Subway and my own cooking skills had help me enough!

World Of Coins!

The very big change for me was MONEY! Amazing! It took me almost a week to learn about currency, coins, pence and I am still on my way to learn more about them! We had maids back in home to do everything, from ironing clothes to polishing shoes and almost everything. Now, I wake up 2 hours before I have to leave so I can iron my clothes and look about my shoes and then leave almost 40 minutes before because it is a 20 to 25 minutes walk to my school from my accommodation and I leave the margin of 20 minutes in case of any accident (God Forbid) I never imagined how time would play with me and change me within a week! I thought I was careless (clutz) and may be I still am but I don’t see it. The very big problem for me is to look about my keys and wallet; back in my home country I never had a wallet! All I ever did was slip few bucks in my jeans but wallet – NO!

Talking about Leicester, it is not a busy city like London but it is still busy enough. Traffic can prove you and when you see Audi and Mercedes cars out there, you are like Woahh!! (Just Kidding) It is like a Mini China in here cause you will find so many Chinese people! Okay, they are Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Nepalese but all of them look almost same so you can never ever tell who they are! Now what I am fed up of is every other person asking me if I am from AMERICA! I am not boasting about myself but hundreds of men and women have asked me if I am from America because they say my accent is American and when I tell them from Pakistan, I see their eyes bulging out as if I have said that I am the president of US. Excuse me, get a life – my school’s principal will kill me if she gets to know how I am receiving such a comment because we are taught British English then HOW THE EFFING HELL I POSSIBLY CAN SOUND LIKE AN AMERICAN? Does that even make sense? The very first person to tell me was a guy on the plane, then the immigration lady(until she saw my passport), then this surgeon I met in the grocery store, then almost every receptionist on the university information desk, the receptionist guy on the accommodation information desk, cashiers in the shopping malls and I am tired of giving them that look to not repeat it! You know how is it like? Let me demonstrate, consider I am talking to a lady who is the saleswoman of H&M;

Naima: Excuse me, Can I see this?

Saleswoman: Yeah sure!

Naima: Thank you (Smiling) – But I don’t want heels you see.

Saleswoman: Oh! Are you from America? You have an American Accent!

Naima: (A crucial look and then a smile and says with grinding teeth) Everybody says so though I don’t know why!

Pasta – Cooked on Friday, 19th October 2012!

Chicken and Capsicums – Cooked on Saturday, 20th October 2012!

Chicken and Vegetable fried Rice – Cooked on Sunday, 21st October 2012!

I know at times it is a LOLing situation for me but I have to bear with it. I don’t mind being the way I am so back out! Another worse thing in here is that it is autumn and I hate to walk on the fallen leaves! I mean, why did they ever taught us that leaves are living beings because now I feel miserable when I see plenty of them lying on the floor and I have to walk over them! I feel guilty at times and curse my science teachers for being so mean back then when I was 9 or 10. I started cooking like 3 days back that means from this weekend cause I had to buy my cooking pans and everything and I think I am doing pretty well if I eliminate comparing it with my mommy’s food! Of course, she is a professional! I see old couples being too romantic – holding hands and linking arms and I go back in my memory to recall when did my parents or even grand parents did it last time in front of me! I adore the people here, their innocence and the love they share through their smiles! (Believe me or not, I am almost smiling to everybody on my way; exclude the young guys please cause they will take a different meaning out of it)

Cooking and eating – a good time pass; need no friends! (lol)

Briefly, I enjoy in here. It is an adventure ride. Lazy mornings in my bright room with a chilly wind that knocks me down and I stretch my arms thinking if I can see some other faces than Chinese (Just kidding – no hard feelings please but the fact is there are too many Chinese out here and I appreciate their love for education) As expected, no friends yet but I think with time, I will be okay. I talk to a Singaporean girl in my class *Ann* who has a boy friend so she is too busy with him all the time but she is a great girl to talk to and I have been lately talking to this Canadian guy *Marcus* who has explained me the maths and business problems that I have not understood after reading on my own! He had been a great helping hand but again it is just a hello-hey with them; they are not yet friends! I am too bad at it, I know but I hope to do good!

PS– I know I have missed out whole a lot on reading the blogs I follow but I will try to manage it out whenever possible! Thank you for the support and cooperation as always! It is greatly appreciated! Stay blessed!

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Writing is my passion and that is what I do here on this blog. I write about everything, whether it be Nature, Love, Hate, Relationships, Humans, Personal Life (where I discuss lessons learnt through real-life experiences), Food, Philosophy (sometimes) and much more. I write in any form whether it be Prose or Poetry. I am in search of ‘Myself’, hence there is not much I can tell you about me. Perhaps, I have a very brilliant idea. Why don’t you come along with me on my journey? I will always care to share and you can also enjoy the ride. For now, this is it. I am ‘ME’ – a wanderer in search of a fulfilling life. Until next time, Love Living Life! I express my sincere gratitude to all my Readers! -Naima

54 responses to “Settling into UK!

  1. quite the long read here. i eventually had to skim to reach the end. i really enjoyed the part about others thinking you were american considering you were taught in the british style. i think though if you aren’t actually in britain then one may not really get that accent. visually you could pass for american and i’d say even italian. i’ve always heard that europe is always hazy and gloomy. the pics were great:)

    • Hahaha 😀
      I still dont get why American but I guess influence of too much americans around, isnt it 😉
      Yeah, the pictures of my self cooked food looks more delicious than what they tasted! Lol.
      Hope your reading was good 🙂

  2. billgncs

    What a grand adventure you have started. I think you will be just right!

    You can tell anyone who asks about your accent, it sounds like your adopted father ( smile )

    Be strong, be wise, and don’t lose those keys!

    • I know I will be just right! I am planning to party hard this weekend so lets see if I had not much of the homework or projects to submit!
      The accent certainly comes from my adopted father, I am telling this to all the people out there – they freak me out at times!
      I kinda check my wallet like three times all over just to confirm if I have the keys in the right place – I was careless back at home when my parents had to worry about keys!!
      With love,

  3. What an incredibly exciting (and daunting) adventure! Eating alone is never fun, but hopefully soon you will make new friends and meet people with whom you can share some meals. Wish you well for your new found independence 🙂

    • I agree with you Alarna, eating alone is never fun but loneliness itself is a great company which helps you deal with life hand in hand. Thank you for your beautiful comment!

  4. revolutionwriter1 ⋅

    Melton Road has the best curry mile around especially for veggies! I love Leicester! Hope your enjoying it.

    • Heya,

      Thank you for the information and I have already tried it. Leicester is beautiful and much greener than what I had expected! Thank you for leaving the comment!


  5. Alastair

    I lived in Leicester for a time a couple of years ago. I would spend ages in Highcross. And the Cinema Deluxe is awesome.

    There’s a lovely old shop near St Margarets bus station called the Source and they sell some awesome stuff.

    • Goodness! How the hell did I miss Highcross when I did mention City Center! I am sure it is super favorite of everybody who has been to City Center of Leicester! But you know what I am excited most about?? Seeing Leicester Tigers play Rugby! I hope you don’t mind me calling them hot!
      Thank you for your comment and for sharing the information!

  6. soumyav

    hey Naima! great you have already settlled down there at the new place.and it is so good to read back your posts again..missed them and you a lot.Hope london is as good as it seems.. warm! and bright! by the way just need to remind you ,in case you get stuck anywhere here in dubai..i stay nearby in sharjah. So next time dnt worry .. . just inform me.. lot many wishes for your studies …

    • Awww.. You are such a sweetheart! I think I missed your poetry more! It was always wonderful to read you! Really?? You are in Sharjah?? That’s where my aunt lives as well but these crappy Emirates people don’t let you out! Thank you for your warm wishes and such a heartfelt comment! I always feel great to hear from you!
      With love,

  7. Archana ⋅

    Apologu accepted Naima 🙂 Do post when u get time … and Study well . .all my wishes for ur new life over there !! 🙂

  8. mindsurfer1 ⋅

    While in New Zealand the natives there told me they thought I had an English accent! I had to (patiently) explain to them that they were the ones with an accent and that Americans have no accents to speak of (lol) except in the south, the east coast and some portions of California. They had a hard time grasping the fact that they are foreigners and, therefore, have accents. Oddly, they seemed to feel that my being in their country made ME the foreigner! Such reasoning probably comes from eating too many kiwis. I am not entirely certain what a kiwi is but suspect (by context) it is either a small bird or piece of fruit.

    • Hey Cranky,

      Let me start with I missed you – you were terribly missed so did you had hiccups lately or something?
      Hahaha, I agree its these British people who have accent and they chew most of the words and let few out acting like pretty misers! But overall, they give you a good deal with their sweet smile and lovely ways! Kiwi is definitely a fruit when it comes to eating, Cranky!!!!

      With much love and blessings on your way,

  9. It sounds like you are going to continue to have a wonderful adventure. All the best to you baby girl.

  10. Tatsat ⋅

    Great ! This is one phase which should be paid most attention to- and have had most fun as well 🙂 So, time management will be crucial.
    Don’t worry about your readers and their blogs. Everything else can wait 🙂 Take good care, stay safe and…. well… learn 🙂
    Good luck and godspeed !

    • Hey you! Hope you are doing good and having a good time out there fighting with your omelette! (just kidding)
      Anyway, thank you for your warm wishes and I hope I am able to balance the partying hours along with study very well cause at the end of the day I have to!
      Thank you once again for your heartfelt comment! Best wishes to you too.

      • Tatsat ⋅

        Haha… I am experimenting with new styles of omlette-making, if you can trust me on that 😛

        Exactly.”Balance” is precisely what you should strive for. I am sure you would do good.
        And, if you find problems with mathematics, let me know. I used to be good in that during my college days- atleast people said so 😛
        Take good care Naima 🙂

  11. Balu

    I knew that you would be busy traveling and settling down. I was eagerly waiting for your post and The wait is over! 🙂
    You must be missing your home in Pakistan…hope you are all set now.
    Enjoy the new place, learn and explore a lot.
    Chicken n veg fried rice, black framed spects and your hair curl is nice to see 🙂
    My wishes on your way and I hope you find peace, pleasure and the keys when needed 😀
    Cheers naima!

    PS: Please write a warning note for readers when you post something about mathematics :D. Scarryy.

    PS 1: You need not follow, just write :). There is nothing refreshing than reading your blog.

  12. Neeraj

    When people say you sound like an american because you have american accent… you think why do they say so even when they already told you.. lol .. you feel bad walking on fallen leaves because once you were taught that they used to be alive but you eat non veg .. lol .. YOU HAVE GONE ALL MAD!!! 😉
    Love the picture with no tilt and beautiful smile.. and what’s up with the Canadian Guy ?? Lol 🙂 🙂

  13. Tapish

    Hey Naima! All the very best for this new phase of life. You look good and the delicacies are too good to resist 😛
    Keep speaking in American accent 😉
    Have a great time ahead. Take care and keep blogging.

  14. Insight

    Right from the beginning, I was too curious in hearing a highly classic journey from ya, gal! Travelling alone from Karachi–>UK. Hmm! You have got enough courage, which is usually a *NEGATIVE ASPECT* for Mallu gals I guess. LOL. Glad to hear you via this world and wish you all success, Naima. Have a great time there. Cheers to you, Leicester Gal. 😀 🙂



    just wanted to let u know i won our bet….ive landed in a very good multinational bank with a good position as CREDIT RISK ANALYST….and yes the pay is far above your bet :P…..i was occupied badly with work n now i got the time….. and gues what? ur in LONDON :O :O ……… too bad u left so early…. 😦 im disappointed !

    • Heya,

      After all you have a wife and family to look after so you needed a job anyhow! Later on, you will have kids to support so I am happy for you! Take care and warm wishes to everyone in your family!


  16. Alex Jones ⋅

    Welcome to the UK Naima. You have come at a time of winter, which can be cold. The snow in recent years can come anytime between November and February and stay around for a week to a month. Rain, you will see plenty of that in the UK, and more so in the middle of the UK (Leicester). Leicester has a strong Muslim community.

    In Britain most trees shed their leaves for survival purposes, which is like shedding skin, they are dead leaves once they hit the ground.

    Good luck on your studies here in UK. May you find many friends here.

    • Heya,

      Thank you for this comment to aware me! I don’t feel that cold though! I think I have gotten friends with the weather! Nature attracts me much here! A beautiful skyline almost all the time especially when sun is hiding in between the clouds. Rain bothers me at times but after all, I have to do good with everything including weather!

      Studies are going just too awesome! I scored 78% in my midterms so looking forward to take it a bit higher! See you around soon!


      • Alex Jones ⋅

        Hi Naima. It is good to hear you have settled in with your studies, weather and new location. It looks like you are flying. I look forward to reading your future blog updates.

  17. swashbuckler2 ⋅

    First of all , my heartly congratulations…I waited too long fr this article and ofcourse I guessed u would write this article.. rock ur UG…this is a great oppurtunity..utilize it to the best and pay more attention to studies..Dnt feel sad that ur away frm parents ,jst feel haapy that ur getting close to education…may god bless u!!!! A good article with tasty pics…

  18. I’m glad you are settling in! My eldest son has just gone off to Uni and I recognise the same experiences!! I hope you are enjoying your course 🙂

  19. Alex Jones ⋅

    Hope you are settling in to your new surroundings in the UK.

    • It is really not easy without family! At times things become worse and this city is worse when you can hear it snoring at 7 in the evening only! I hope you know what I mean.. lol..
      Warm Wishes,

  20. I know you will so well in the UK, with your unbelievable drive and your wonderful mind. God bless!

  21. I am so excited for you! I have no doubt you will excel beyond your expectations……I have missed you and our friendship, but I think of you and send you lots of love and hugs……Gosh, how amazing to be you and have your whole life in front of you…..there are so many great things in store for you, sweetie, and I wish you all the very bestest…….may all your hopes and dreams come true… hard, focus and study, and let us know in between when you can how things are going……
    miss and love you xoxo

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