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Crazy Midnight Post!

It tasted better than KFC's Twister (I swear)

It tasted better than KFC’s Twister (I swear – don’t forget healthier as well)

I had a very yummy Midnight-Snack (I think it was the world’s best wrap) and I am craving Ben & Jerry’s half-baked Alaska (Cookie Dough & Chocolate Fudge Brownie) so much! Not that I don’t have it in the freezer but I am trying to keep my hands off eating too much at this point and time of the night! 

Something I got hold of when it snowed in the mid or March - a chock for many who are new to England's unpredictability!

Something I got hold of when it snowed in the mid of March – a shock for many who are new to England’s unpredictability!(Yet I love England for now at least)

The night was starry earlier, I had two cans of Red bull around 8 in the evening when I went for a walk. The sunsets in Spring are stunningly beautiful though I am not sure if it’s spring in England or not as it hasn’t quite warmed up in here. The wind blows like a tornado is on its way, at times it is enough scary – thankfully I am not skinny.  

"He's Watching Her" - I didn't even have to read the synopsis before buying this one and I don't regret!

“He’s Watching Her” – I didn’t even have to read the synopsis before buying this one (Ignore the background)

Currently, I am reading this book “Killing Cupid” by Louise Voss & Mark Edwards. I must say, a pretty good book – I’d even recommend reading it to those who’d like raw romance/love (I really mean “Raw” – you’d get to know once you get hold of the book to read the synopsis) along with suspense and a major thriller! The main character “Alex” creeped me out more than once in the beginning but I always end up falling for the main(male) character in the book and so it happened for him too – at times I wonder, why men in books are portrayed to be perfect? 

Well, I probably would get back to reading as I am done with this exciting midnight post! I am not stoned but still I am high – the freaking part is “I don’t know why”! 
So…….. May the odds be in your favor – Goodbye! (Good Night/Good Morning/Good Evening according to your time zones – Happy Friday) 

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34 responses to “Crazy Midnight Post!

  1. RoSy

    LOL on your crazy shot for your crazy post 😆
    Good night Naima!

  2. Balu

    A real crazy midnight post 🙂
    Good nitZZzz

    • Haha.. was it? I didn’t realize it was that crazy bit if you enjoyed, worth the craziness!
      And yeah, change is good at times! lol
      Good evening, B!
      With warm wishes,

  3. Crazy, maybe. But I enjoyed. LOL.

  4. Crazy Midnight Meals and colorful Post 🙂

    • Long time no see – hope everything is okay with you! Yeah, it was a crazy healthy and yummy midnight snack and this post aint as colorful as yours! Anyway , thank you for dropping by and enjoying it!
      Have a good day!
      With warm wishes,

  5. Tatsat ⋅

    Haha 🙂 The title of the book is intriguing enough. I wish I had the patience to read thick books as these 😉 If you take all the novels read by all the Tatsats, in all the universes there are- you would still be able to count them on your fingers 😛

    Getting stoned is fine. But be safe when you do so… 🙂

    • I am done with the book and I would just say, go for this one!! It’s awesome – just 330 pages, it ain’t thick! Thick novels were the Harry Potter Series, I cant forget the fourth part of Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) with 734 pages and I completed it in just 4 days in 5th or 6th standard out of excitement lol
      And I am sure you are patient enough to deal with it, give it a try at once! This was surely one of the craziest post but it was fun – many LOLed so yeah, it was worth it!
      You too, be safe! Have a good evening!

  6. Neeraj

    Thats a lovely crazy pic of yours 🙂

  7. To be high on life is a wonderful feeling. 🙂

  8. Hiya – I’m one of the authors of Killing Cupid. I found your blog post when it came up on a Google alert. Really glad you liked Killing Cupid!

    • Heya,
      I am so glad to receive a response from you, “Killing Cupid” is one of my favorite books now! I am definitely going to read more of your books, seriously amazing and breath-taking thrillers!
      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment =)
      With warm wishes,

  9. AnElephantCant comment on literary chaps
    He thinks that is best left to you
    But believe it or not
    He has a soft spot
    For the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    • Awwww.. Good to know, AnElepehantCant remember the girl with the “dragon” tattoo, that is so sweet of you =)
      Thank you for the comment and dropping by! Have a good weekend,
      With warm wishes,

  10. now I need to find some cookies….*L*

  11. Alex Jones ⋅

    It looks like you have settled into UK as a student, Naima 🙂

    I think Spring is here, though so is the rain showers.

    I bet you did not get much sleep after drinking those two cans of Red Bull late in the evening.

    • I know, it doesn’t feel like England anymore! Sunny and summery! I am so lovin’ England! =)
      And yeah, Redbull does hate sleep lol but anyway, I am getting along well! =)
      Thank you for your comment!
      With warm wishes,

  12. markyrog

    glad you’re enjoying the UK weather whilst we have it. Two cans of Red Bull probably explains the picture, too!
    Keep smiling!

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