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Gardening (Encourage the Young Gardeners)

NOTE: I wrote this post for “FAMILY-MILL” ( but I am unable to post it there due to some technical issues, so I will re-blog it there. Cece, you need to check out the settings as I am not able to post. Thank you. The post dedicated to Gina from Happy Reading!

Family Time – Gardening Time.

Gardening can be an exquisite treat on a summery day when your children complain how they can not favor outdoor games; hence that is the very right moment to disclose a “SURPRISING NEWS” to them – “Baby, lets go gardening.” I have a fair idea how there will be upset faces to the very prompt surprise revealed by you but that is where your job starts – “Be a baby around your baby” (as I mentioned before) and think of numerous ways of making something unexciting looks like the most exhilarating thing to experience on this planet. Children would never like to hear those dumb-founded lectures on various types of flowers and the seasons and much more; they would want to EXPERIMENT! Yeah, that is the precise word for how your babies see the world – EXPERIMENTATION! Once you hand over the watering pot to them while you can keep up with the dangerous equipments like shovel and gardening scissors for trimming the out-grown weeds.  In tidbits, teach them to praise Mother Nature. It is not important for your baby to know the name of every flower in your lawn but the appreciation and love for Mother Nature in his heart ought to be nurtured willingly.


George ate it all up!

Hence, when I woke up today in the morning – my friend, George came over at my place with his little son, Kevin. They were all alone in the home rotting in the empty house as George’s wife (Carla) was busy helping her friend with her marriage ceremony; thus he targeted my house and surprised me with his visit. His son is around 4 and a half and is deliciously sweet – I mean he is a darling (Don’t mind me when I get crazy about kids but don’t they add flavor to this dumb world eh?). Well, I prepared breakfast for George (the one he likes that I know by heart – black coffee and toast with Nutella) and when I asked the little baby what would he like for the breakfast, he responded, “Same as daddy, Naima. Thank you” and I laughed hysterically and then he realized black coffee was not his taste. Anyway, I poured him some milk in the Kellogg CHOCOS and he had fun-time with chocolaty milk and the coco-pops. As soon as they were done with breakfast, George dashed straight to my room and tossed and turned in my bed (I hate this about him) and played with Kevin – I was fascinated to see such a remarkable relationship between a son and dad which is not everywhere to be seen. I encouraged them playing cheerfully.   After I was done cleaning my kitchen, I sneaked in the room to check on them and I saw both of them sleeping.  Kevin was wrapped around George graciously as if he was a part of him and this made my Sunday brighter.

They woke up after few hours and came in the hall yawning and stretching – Kevin seemed like “little George”. George is far too older than me and I haven’t seen him as a toddler but I can guarantee how he must have been too much as same as Kevin. Anyway, to awaken them I broke the news of “GARDENING” to both of them and I swear their faces were worth a look. I showed some pictures of beautiful gardens to Kevin on my iphone and he was fascinated. I showed him how a gardening kit looks like and he desired to see it in reality. I had one in the store (though not in good condition yet perfectly sound for the display) and I showed him the gardening tool box and explained to him the tools and their purposes. At that very moment, he wanted to go out in my lawn and do it all with me. George yawned and I pinched him on his thigh showing my bulging eyes to demonstrate some interest for gardening before Kevin but I don’t blame him – he is a kid himself. Thus he followed us but just like dragging himself around for my sake.

I regret not taking “PERSONAL” pictures.

Anyway, Kevin was not concerned about his dad (one wonderful favor from him) and he continued trimming the weeds with me. I handed him the water pot (a smaller one so we had to fill it all over again and again but importantly I had to keep his comfort zone in mind). I trimmed the weeds properly and taught him how to water the plants with the help of the water pot. Hence then we together mowed the lawn, I adjusted him right in between my legs keeping his toes safe in between mine and we mowed the lawn all together cheerfully. He was smiling and laughing and asking frequent questions about flowers he was taught at nursery and I made the information exciting with the help of my iphone by answering his questions through illustrations and presentations available on internet. He enjoyed and wanted to stay with me when George went to pick Carla from her friend’s place.  

Kevin stayed back with me and I changed him into the tidy clothes he had brought with him in the morning earlier while I soaked his mud-covered and grubby clothes in the detergent later. I couldn’t leave him alone so I was all untidy and messed up in my morning pajamas and Angry Bird T-shirt. We made cheesy pop-corns together and enjoyed them with Pink Panther rocking the LCD screen of my bedroom. I cleaned it along while he watched the cartoons excitedly jumping and hopping in bed. Soon Carla and George were on the door to pick Kevin but he had slept by that time after the exhausted day. I felt embarrassed as I greeted Carla in those filthy clothes and George made fun of me as he exchanged those teasing looks. The three of us ate together with all what was available in my kitchen. After a short conversation, George carried Kevin from my room in his arms and laid him in the back seat of the car while Carla thanked me for taking care of his silly husband and son – doubtlessly she was right in calling her husband silly but Kevin was adorably sweet. She was happy to see him bathed and dressed in clean clothes while the smile on his contented face even while he was sleeping and dreaming made Carla much more contented – I think that is the only thing that makes mommies happy.

 As I cherish a great day spent with George and Kevin though I regret not having the random photo-session with them; I am happy to share my wonderful experience with gardening and a splendid company, hence try out and get your kids out in the gardens in summers to encourage them to learn about Mother Nature through various creative ways may that be illustrations to attract them or EXPERIMENTATION to fascinate them.



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32 responses to “Gardening (Encourage the Young Gardeners)

  1. Well said experiences that you own! Anyway being frank, I didn’t tried the strenuous gardening related tranquil works yet, since it would be hard enough to control those greenery in our URBAN life. 😀 🙂 There’ll be vague in the availability of space though. But Revu has a nice garden avail near by at her college hostel. She is highly craze about this kind of practices too. 🙂 🙂
    Have a great day ahead. Cheers bud.\m/ 🙂

  2. Hey Naima, I’m with you – I think it’s great fun to be in the garden with kids (not that I’m much of a gardener, though). They always astound me with their interest in things that most adults I know find tedious or boring. In my experience, kids don’t feel that way unless you do 🙂

    • Firstly, great to see you commenting in here ; it brings a smile on my face.
      Secondly you’re too right; until and unless you don’t show the red signal to the kids, they will never ask you for it. Keep waving the green flag and their interest will be far much more than ya expect from your friends at time. Kids, themselves, are blessings of Mother Nature.


  3. Alex Jones ⋅

    Great post. Your observation is spot on about children learning through experience, the doing. Anything that connects children with nature should be encouraged.

    • Thank you Alex 🙂 I am myself not too fond of gardening but yeah when it comes for kids; I might mold myself within any boundaries to ensure a good lesson for their day.
      Have a great day ahead!

  4. jensine

    I don’t have a garden so have to say … bah-humbug … no really I am envious of all who do 🙂

  5. Gina's Professions for PEACE ⋅

    Naima! You are such a dear one, and what an incredible post here!! I have been outside ALL day and apologize for missing out on reading and commenting right away on this honour you’ve bestowed. Now I am blushing*
    Your sharing of a busy day just warmed my heart. Such an adorable wee one you spent time with, and so good to not leave him alone in vain ventures (I think you would be adorable yourself in any state of clothing dear girl). I myself was outside tending a strawberry patch and later, taking a break in a shady chair, watched as a mom robin led her ‘teen’ speckled young one into the yard to show off our burbling fountain as a wondrous place to drink and bathe, and then when mom left. the young one stayed and pecked with determination at a bright red strawberry I’d missed and made me giggle as the young one at last pulled it off and pecked away until every bit was enjoyed. A lovely thing to witness. I am happy to share the bounty.
    Thank you for this heart-warming post dear writer. I so enjoy the journeys you send me on with your words.
    Hugs and Love,

    • Hey ya, I am glad you enjoyed the post. Actually your gardening post was a great treat when I realized I have done the same thing with George and Kevin the entire day. Gosh! I am sure the strawberry must have tasted delicious and to observe a younger one doing it, much more rejoicing for the soul and heart.
      Thank you for your lovely comment and as far as blushing is concerned, you look so pretty with your rose pink cheeks 😉
      Much love,

  6. As a family we created many gardens in one acre of property. Now that all kids are grown and most moved on I have to do it alone and it is rough on a disabled 55 year old woman.

    • Wow! One acre sounds too good! I know, when all the kids are grown and busy in their own lives and ya are all alone for such a big garden, it feels lonely! But count me in – I would love to have a treat with you in the garden 🙂 Thank you for dropping by Beatrix, I am always delighted to read your comment.
      Much love,

  7. hey Naima 🙂 Up for a game of tag? Sorry, being the computer-nut head I am, i dont know how to link the post here. but if you can check it out on my blog, that’d be great 🙂

    Thanks and stay awesome! 🙂

    • Firstly, thank you so much. Your support is always counted as a blessing dear Sylvee. You are adorable my sister and I love to read your blog-posts and it is an honor that you have tagged me I am obliged for it. Thank you for thinking that I am “AWESOME” though many say I am complicated instead. LOL 😀
      Anyway, love you loads my dear sister pal.
      You also, stay awesome as you already are 😉

  8. What a fun and enlightening post that encourages family, community and togetherness….. 🙂

  9. Renard Moreau ⋅

    [ Smiles ] Most interesting!

  10. I really enjoyed the importance of family in your lovely post, Naima~my kids are older now, but they get the gardening from my husband and cooking/baking from me! Your post evokes many great memories of when they were little, thank you! Lauren 🙂

  11. Hi again.
    Firstly, glad you liked my Toothache ditty.

    I love your Tom Sawyer approach to getting the kids into the garden – it isn’t work, it is FUN!

    Great stuff.

    • Hahaha 😀 Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were like the most cherished childhood book thrillers!! Thank you for liking the post and dropping by.
      Much love,

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