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Self Deception

She was broken. Her brokenness wasn’t terminal but she assumed the damage to be fatal.  She believed that she had no choice and she confided in the only option available to her: breathing. She gave up on her dreams and began fighting this brutal world for the mere sake of survival. Every day was a struggle and eventually she didn’t care if she won or lost. She was trying her best to figure a way to survive but she didn’t bother living her precious dreams. She didn’t blame anybody but herself because it was her choices that led her to live a life which was apparently just a lie.

There was not much left to her existence. She was a moving pile of bones obliged to put up a show for the world to ensure the spectators that she was not odd – that she was one of them. This was another of her many choices: to shake hands with her demise. It didn’t take her long to skilfully master the art of faking (i.e. living a lie) which was an essential requirement to be accepted in her new world. Her mind was constantly occupied with what people thought of her and she moulded herself into an object of desire. Not too long after, she became oblivious to the distinction between the truth (real) and a lie (fake) and her plan ‘to fool the world and survive’ backfired. She was caught fooling herself.

There was no hope left anymore. Although she was breathing but she had given up on life long time ago. Precisely when did she give up? She didn’t give up when she felt broken but she gave up when she fell victim to the trap of this world. Firstly, when she succumbed to the appalling torture of allowing herself to be judged and secondly when she lived to feed off the need for approval. She was not meant to live a life by merely blindly following the rules written in the book but instead she chose to not use the higher powers of her mind and spirit to evaluate and challenge those rules to better herself and the world.

While she could have been the change, she chose to refuse herself the opportunity of healing this world. She chose to refuse herself the right to dream and live for herself. She chose to give in to social pressure. However, she is not alone. There are many out there like her and these souls don’t even realize when they have stopped living for themselves for they fail to see the strength of their vision and the power in their action.


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41 responses to “Self Deception

  1. izza ifzaal ⋅

    Top notch! !

  2. I had a conversation today with a friend about how this happens to many people. We can’t give up on our hopes, dreams and beliefs.

  3. Yes we should accept the reality. Bygones are bygones. We made the decision(wrong one), we made the choice(wrong one), SO WHAT? It’s life, shit happens. Bad shit happens, but we gotta pull ourselves out. It will take time & conscious effort, but you of all people can do it. Just some strength(even fake strength) will do the job. Keep holding on Naima !! Don’t allow this world to change you. Be who you are. Innocent, naive, YOU !!

    • This life is cruel but it doesn’t mean that we give up and ignore to see the light of truth. I believe each one of us is responsible to bring the change (of course for the good) and the change require us to think and not blindly-follow. People who just follow the customs of this world and never put any thought to their actions disgust me. Despite of a beating heart and a brain that they had left to rot, I don’t consider them humans — they are machines.


      • Yes they are not living, they are merely existing !! But it’s okay and we don’t have to spend much time thinking about people who aren’t exactly people. So better use our precious time on those who are good to you always & deserve your time 🙂 Bad times are always there but we gotta make sure they don’t dominate us at any instant of life !! You are surely helping me learn new things Naima 😉

  4. billgncs

    You know of course that I always believe in you !

  5. Such a real paradox! Decision guided destiny! Oddly I think I understand you! Thank you Naima! 😀

    • Decision-guided destiny it is! I believe in destiny but I also believe that we are the writers of the book of our life and it is not our choices and decisions that are dependent on our destiny instead it is the other way round.


  6. So well put! 🙂
    “She was not meant to live a life by merely blindly following the rules written in the book but instead she chose to not use the higher powers of her mind and spirit to evaluate and challenge those rules to better herself and the world.”
    All those who have given up on themselves must read this line!

    • I strongly oppose the notion of allowing the society or people around you decide your life by merely following what has been told to you. I wonder why cant we use our heads to analyse the crap that is fed to our brains sometimes by the hypocrites around is. I hope that one day every one of us can think for ourselves and not fall for the trap of this society and let it dictate our lives.

      In the past, I have written a lot about blind-following and how much I am against it.

      Check the link out in your spare time, its along the same line but its our responsibility to awaken the lost souls in this world.


  7. Alex Jones ⋅

    Beautiful. The individual can live a lie, use a mask, but after a time, they forget who they were, and the lie and mask is all they are left with.

    • Spot on! That was exactly my point — we lose our individuality when we are busy faking and there comes a time when we cant distinguish between right and wrong.


  8. When all things go down, HOPE is a distant voice for us to hold on too as FAITH depends on it too.

  9. AdiC

    So when I began reading the post I was relating to a female caught up in the drudgeries and consequences of her choice. A one off case.
    But by the end I realized that it’s the most common case ever! We all like to think we’re doing something different from others, that we’re unique in our own way but many of us are actually the same. Just different names and different bodies. Same life. A lie.

    A very deep and inspiring post!

  10. Hey I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the world bloggers award. If you are willing visit my last post.

  11. Steph (:

    Beautiful piece! 🙂
    I nominated you for a quoting challenge!
    Rules for the challenge:

    1. Post 3 of your favourite quotes each per day for 3 recurrent days. The quotes can be of any other people or it may come straight from your own heart.
    2. Nominate 3 or more bloggers with each post to challenge them.
    3. Don’t forget to utter a thankful word to the person who nominated you.

  12. Hey, there, Naima! I just nominate you for the “Infinity Dreams Award” and I hope you don’t mind. You can join if you want. If you don’t, I don’t mind either. Up to you, my dear!!! Have fun!!!

  13. Powerful and true thoughts well expressed, many people lose faith in themselves and they end up spiraling downward. If only those people had a better support system to keep their head above water and to be able to move forward in a future full of endless possibilities…♥

  14. Hello,
    I’m pleased to nominate you for The Premio Dardos Award.
    Please click the link below for the details.

    If you have an award free zone please forgive my error.


  15. Tatsat ⋅

    So, you have become a philosopher 😨😨😨

    • I always have been (at least that’s why I think I possess a big pair of glasses lol). To be fair, we all are philosophers living our lives by our philosophies and who would know that better than you? (Wink)


  16. stalker ⋅

    love hurts, love scars…. that’s why i never been in love…. simple n wise 🙂

  17. Love this post !! Such a deep thought!

  18. Aditi

    Reblogged this on splintered verse and commented:
    “This was another of her many choices:to shake hands with her demise.”

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